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Warriors not forgotten

​Happy Friday afternoon :)

So?! have you bailed from work yet?  Have you started the long weekend?  I'm hoping to here shortly myself.  It's been a hell of a week... Had a buddy of mine say he skipped the gym the other morning so he could get after it asap... today, Friday... my Grateful Fridays... I passed on my ritual to get after it as well.  So forgive my tardiness. :)

This weekend while you're grilling, hanging with friends, relaxing, don't forget our warriors whom are not with us.  I am thankful to the universe that we have a day to remember those not here anymore.  Although there's a lot of joy and chilli'age this weekend... don't tell a vet, a combat vet of all things "Happy Memorial Day".  Those whom are now stateside living their life while some of their brothers and sisters are not here, it's a rough go for some. 

So this weekend when you tip back a few, have another for the ones not here.  They're likely looking down, wishing they could be here with you.  I will be sure to put down some Jameson for them myself.  

And lastly... if you're courageous enough to do so... live this weekend, live everyday following, live your life worthy of their sacrifice.   If you have no connection to the military, think of the first responders whom have died serving our communities and mankind.  

They aren't here with us today... so might as well get after it, do the things they wish they could, love the people whom they cannot (that also includes yourself), live. <3

For those looking down from above... thank you for your sacrifice.

My newest and most favorite shirt of my collection.  Hits the feels :)

If you want your own, check out the link below :)... it'll be the best $25 you've spent in a long time.

Be safe out there this weekend.  Although we'll be serving clients throughout the weekend, if you need anything, Chas and I are just a call away.

Have a grateful Friday :)

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