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a story painted

through pain

Personalities = one person

The universe has blessed me with the creative spirit of an artist, mixed with heart of a blue collar man, while having been knighted with the wisdom of a white collar professional...

All of which has created the uniquely diversified person I am today.



The Confidently-Vulnerable Blogger, Artist, &

Motivational Writer

Blessed from the universe with a thirst for creativity~

I have always found emotional power within my words, however over the years of constantly being in my head has allowed me the gift of what it means to find and define one's true self.

Grateful Man



The Craftsman

Creator & Contractor

Born with the Heart of a hard working Blue Collar man~

There's something about working with my hands and putting in physically hard day's work that sets my soul on fire!!

The GÜD Hand


Josh brill

The Financial Advisor,

Asset Protector & Realtor

Knighted with the Wisdom of a White Collar Professional.

My mind works in complex ways that involve navigating life's risks; requiring  professional certifications to  serve in this capacity.
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