why the grateful man?


Question: How does one stay in contact with those whom they care for and wishes to share their life with? Answer: They work really damn hard at to be vulnerably transparent while being as genuinely authentic as possible

and starts a blog :)


Hello, my name is Josh Brill :)

I like to call myself an unconventional real estate agent.  Although I am a professional Realtor, at my roots and soul, I am a blue collar man.  I have the mind for business and marketing, but have the heart to get up before dawn and shovel rock.  Rather than cold call someone, I'd soon jump out of bed and be at your house at 530 AM to physically help you move.. or maybe show up at 5AM to shovel 4 tons of quarter minus into your backyard... in the pouring rain... then, lay 1,750sf of artificial turf later that day in 110 degrees so your yard looks incredible before it lists... Yes.. I truly enjoy that and I'm grateful for the opportunity to do so.


Outside of real estate, I also build a lot of cool stuff! Either I'm building a handcrafted water feature that I'm shipping from Arizona to a Neurologists office in Virginia... or hell,  designing and building clubhouse for a client's kids in their new backyard. 


Someone said there are 24 hrs in a day... sleep 6 and spend the other 18 chasing your future self... Grampa however, he also said slow and steady wins the race so be thoughtful of those 18hrs. :)

I started this blog to share my unique world with people whom I care about.  My writings are motivated by a grateful spirit and a selfless heart to help others.  I believe we can always do better than our past self... to always chase our future self while never forgetting where we came from. 

This is a safe place for me to express a grateful perspective on the world.  It's always positive and sometimes emotional.  I speak from the heart and write like I think and would talk to you.  I put a lot of love into these and enjoy sharing my life with my people.   

My sharing these pictures with you is just that; to say hello, I care about you, and that I thought you might like this.  Periodically if there is something in my Phoenix Real Estate industry that I think might be of value to you or someone you know, it is through this channel that I'm doing so. I'm beyond grateful to have earned your trust to send you something.  I hope it's received genuinely and nothing more.  

Thank you so much for your time and efforts reading my thoughts.  If something grabs your attention or provokes a thought, please, share it with me :)

Your Realtor-Craftsman-Friend,

-Josh :)