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The Confidently-Vulnerable Blogger, Artist & Motivational Writer

Question: How does one stay in contact with those whom they care for and wishes to share their life with?

Answer: They work very hard at being transparently vulnerable while being as genuinely authentic as possible


and starts a blog.  :)

I didn't start out this way, nor did I plan such an outcome.  Grateful Man started as weekly emails only.  


In an effort to stand out from the crowd I removed my last name in the email account and placed " grateful :) " behind it.  This became an unconscious message to me and my recipients. then after a year and a half showing up every Friday, with support from my readers, they encouraged me to start a blog.


My cell phone's ringtone is Simple Man, with grateful already being part of my spirit, it was only logical to call my blog Grateful Man. 


Fast forward to today, I am now north of 300 blog posts.  The discipline of touching base on a weekly basis has allowed me to literally spend thousands of hours in deep thought expressing through words what's on my mind or in my heart. 


Unexpectedly, the outcome of this effort has carved a chasm from my brain to my heart exposing the soul of what makes me who I am today.

Josh Brill Thinking

It's usually in the darkness of a Friday morning, or late in the evening, quietly tucked away in my office where you can find me working me through the thoughts in this blog.  I started this blog to share my unique world with people whom I care about.  My writings are motivated by a grateful spirit and a selfless heart to help others. 


I believe we can always do better than our past self... to always chase our future self while never forgetting where we came from.  When I'm writing I like to think of sitting across from a friend talking, laughing, crying, making a joke, or have a side note to the topic.

I have found that for every hour of creative writing + editing, creates 1 minute of reading.  The commitment I spend sometimes feels futile, and when this happens I work hard to remind myself that I am writing this for me and no one else. 

Oftentimes when I feel like reflecting on a time in my life, a milestone, project that I've built, or just need some motivation by me, written in a different time, I find it here.

Josh Brill Office

grand opening!

new office!

And without expectation, every now and then, I'm reminded that more than jut me reads these words:

When you deliver a message you deliver a message!

I'm crying because I feel your story just gave me the strength I needed, I've been praying to God to tell me what to do because I feel so lost and hopeless that I have no control, I don't know which way to step what path or direction to go. But what you wrote gave me the courage and strength of the direction I need to go for myself.


And you're absolutely right when we face Goliath we face him alone and when climbing the mountain to get to the top that journey we actually do it alone. It's amazing how God sends someone and there message to open your eyes because I feel when he sends someone we know and have a connection with it makes more sense and we see what he's been trying to say.


It's like when talking to our kids and all they hear is mom and dad talking, but when it's someone else that's says what the parent was saying their like  "oh I get it and hey mom and dad so and so said this" and where like "that's what we've been saying all along", lol.


I just want to say thank you. Thank you for your words and the message you send, I appreciate you and your writing.  Like your tattoo says Grateful, I'm grateful for your family and the blessings you give to people.


Thank you friend so much I truly and sincerely appreciate you and your friendship

I really don't have words for what that kind of motivation gives me.  All I can say is that if it wasn't for the efforts of Grateful Man in my life, the discipline it takes, I do not know if I would ever know myself as deeply as I do.

For today and into the future, Grateful Man is my personal brand, my safe place for me to continually redefine myself while giving words of motivation to those who need it most.

Thank you for your time and please consider




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