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Good morning! :)

Due to how meaningful this process has been for me I needed to reach out and find a better way to document these weekly thoughts.  Over the course of time many friends have called this my grateful emails, Friday blog, or even a diary.  Some are pushing me to start a podcast too! haha :)

So after long deliberation, I decided to make the plunge and start a legitimate blog.  Until yesterday I thought I had only made 68 posts... but in reality... today makes for #75! What good timing! hahah :)

My cell phone ringtone has been "Simple Man" by Lynard Skynard... 

With the comments about these being my grateful emails... I figured what better.. let's call it "grateful man"... 

So! I welcome you :)

A weekly picture blog with a positive perspective on life, Phoenix Real Estate, and building cool shit :)

This will not replace these kinds of emails.. it will just allow me to keep all my thoughts in one place.  Since yesterday morning and into this morning I have about 18hrs poured into it.  There are still some kinks I need to work out and make right... So if you have a moment and want to check it out, please do so. :)  Subscribe if you'd like too! With it being so new right now, there are likely to still be some bugs.. but it was important to get this exciting news out before my day took off, and nothing will ever be perfect.. but this is damn close!  I couldn't be here without your support.. it means the world to me.  Although there are handfuls of people over the months whom ask to be removed.. and when they do, it sucks.. but there are more whom remind me that it's Friday and want my email already. :)  Stuff like that warms the heart in a way I cannot express. So before I'm late to my next appt this morning :)  Thank you again! for your continued support and please take a gander at 

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30 Jun 2018

You motivate me! Thank you for you wise words and the many smiles! Congratulations on your new blog, I look forward to reading it on a regular basis!

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