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How to Find Love?

Good morning this morning! 

Oh the joys of Valentine's Day! 

If you're a kid in school, it's about the party during the last hour of the day.  The secret admirers, the special "card" box creation for would be valentine's day cards... the pinks, purples, hearts - oh my! 

If you're a grown ass adult, you're marketed heavily to this day of love and flowers.  For some it's a special day filled with marital hope as it shares an anniversary... or, maybe the universe said that you were to be born on this day of love... Late November/December born babies were conceived out of love on this day/week window of time..... get some! ;)

Love, love, love...

I'm told next year Amazon and Walmart will be selling love on a subscription based platform! 

If you need some love, bounce onto ChatGPT and ask for some love - although artificial, if you give it enough detail about your situation, it'll sure make you feel better. :)

In light of all the silliness, the question still begs an answer:

How to find love?

In the nature of the times I should disclose that:

I'm not Dr Phil...

I'm not a match maker...

I've not read nor studied such a topic...

I really don't like the color pink...

and I can't draw a heart to save my shit...

I also need to mention that I'm painfully aware that we live in an ADHD ridden, over stimulated, over notified, over distracted, tick-tock, instant gratification, PC sensitive cancel culture - Culture... a Mt Everest of a climb... 

I deeply sympathize with the grind.

and as the days clock by, the tally of the years continues to grow; to which I am grateful - nor do I take it for granted.  Like all things, it takes work.

So again, I present the question:

How to find love?

The shortest answer of what is likely a multi-billion dollar industry is:

you've gotta love yourself first... without the love of self, love from others will always be a struggle. 

One must be true to themselves, authentic in nature where the person in the mirror won't argue with you.  If the scene of Harry blowing his gasket and getting stuck with a broken toilet on Dumb and Dumber makes you die of laughter - don't cover that up... proudly laugh your ass off! Cupid and his shirtless-round belly-ass floating in clouds above will see that, note that, and will shoot you somewhere else with his arrow. (He told me this btw...) 

Loving yourself requires grace, patience, compassion, vulnerability, and self-acceptance.

In the garden of self-love, let the grace be the sunlight, patience the water, compassion the fertilizer, vulnerability the rich soil, and self-acceptance be the vibrant flowers that bloom.  With that, the universe will send someone who will pluck you from the roots, and will plant you in their garden.

What do you love about yourself? 


If you find yourself short of any of these nutrients, reach out, we got you.  We're a safe place for you to be yourself without judgement or expectation.  

Have a lovingly grateful weekend! 

Jon would have loved this picture... RIP buddy! 

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