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Naked, Tape Measure, oh my!

Good morning this morning! 

Hot damn!

Holy cow! 

In all of my almost 43 years of life! 

I have NEVER had a dream about being in my birthday suit while working or at school.

Until this morning!! 

There I was, stressfully locked into a dream I cannot shake as I am sharing my personal glory to the world while wielding a tape measure! ~bro!

Suddenly I find myself working in a larger than normal laundry room.  It's filled with the rays of sunlight cutting through dusty drywall filled air. The ceilings must be near ten feet tall.  The ground feels comfortable - but I lack the memory.

The space is square with the exception of an angular wall that opens into the space just after a hallway.  There's no texture on these walls.  There are gaps between the sheets of sheetrock.  Corner bead is installed along the edges and gunmetal grey drywall screws are seen peppered throughout the walls.

I am coordinating with a customer about some decorative build outs on the angular wall while larger cubby bins are to be installed on the wall leading into the garage.  Her husband coordinates with another contractor as they relocated the smoke detector.

No one is looking at me weird... I just feel weird...  

There's a chiller than normal breeze happening down south.. which is hella odd.  I can feel what seems like a shirtless body crossing over itself as I'm wielding a tape measure to the sky pointing at where the installation will be... 

Gosh dang dude!.. this is all I can think about right now! 

Damn, I feel like a dork!! HAHAHAH​


I'ma dude who you'll almost never see rocking a bare chest anywhere but swim time.  Hell, if I gotta bring the trash to the street, I'm wearing a tshirt or sumptn.  I suppose I'm haunted by having dinner with a would-be girlfriend back in the days of childhood.

Sitting at the table getting ready to eat, her dad comes home.  He casually greets us all and disappears around the corner.  He wanders away to the bedroom, changes into shorts then works his way back in and sits at the head of the table... his stomach is in his lap, thick Italian black hair tears up from his stomach over his shoulders like tiger stripes on a cool cat - shirtless at a dinner table - with guests whom he's never met?!! 

I mean, this is his house... good at you bud being so comfortable!!... but bro! you didn't even think of me! lol!! My discomfort was leaching through my young body like sickness after breaking a fever. Wow! A thousand years later, today, any time I find myself walking through the house without a shirt?!! sheesh man!! that tiger striped dark haired man fills my brian and I'm quick to put on a shirt ASAP! 

I digress....

Imagine my discomfort when I realized I was without a shirt.  My customer has no regard to my nakedness.  I come to the understanding of "oh shit!"... I'm butt-ass naked like a fish out'a water!... Suddenly I find myself talking to the lady with my southern half of my body being parked out the garage door while my upper half awkwardly talks to her around the corner using the door jamb as a lower half black sensor bar.

As the conversation continues my client is oblivious to what the hell is going on.  Just as I need to make my way out of the door to go between her, her husband and the other contractor...


The alarm goes off at 4am?!!!! 

WOW! thank you for pulling me from this nightmare of sorts.

I normally have more interesting things to say... but like breaking a fever after being sick.. I'm still kinda out of it.. hahahh! 

As if dreaming about this situation isn't bad enough... leave it to me to be the dumbass who shares this with a friend on a Friday morning just to wish them a grateful weekend! 


I hope that made you laugh as much as it was terrifying to me to sleep through! 

Chas and I are here if you need anything! 

Have a grateful weekend friend! :)

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