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One Handed

Good morning this morning! 

Presently handicapped today. 

Through my güd work, I'v aggravated a long harbord design injury to my wrist.  Years of computer mousing / design work developed a cyst right at the bend of my wrist.  Every now and again it'll flare up and suck the productivity out'a me.  When it does, the cyst inside swells up enough to inhibit my ability to effectively work with my dominant hand.   This time it's in some shitty rough shape. #lame!

So I am keeping my words short today as I can't type for hell due to my old-man-ness.. if you could have only seen allll the red squiggles the auto correct picked up!  hahah! 

Good thing is that I can't say that I didn't at least show up - and that's worth something for sure! 

One handed or not! Still gonna wish a buddy a grateful Friday! 

Chas and I are here if you need anything! :)

Kinda how my wrist feels right now... hah! 

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