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Gratitude Through Randomness

Random is the word for the day... this is my brain! —momentarily chaotic but strangely exhilarating.

I wake up with a headache that feels like a toddler running over my skull. It's as if my brain decided to throw a party last night and forgot to invite the rest of me. And then there's the eggs in the frying pan, clinging for dear life like they're auditioning for a part in a non-stick pan commercial. Seriously, all I see is black and white mixed with terrible acting! 

But hey, it's all good because next week, I'm diving headfirst into the thrilling world of routing a door jamb. Yeah, you heard me right. And of course, I gotta buy a new tool for it because apparently, the universe thinks my tool collection needs more friends.  *I do see my tools talking like they do in Toy Story or the Brave Little Toaster

Speaking of things that need fixing, tomorrow is all about patching up the roof. As if god himself pointed at the center of the roof and popped a blister that laid below?!


**May 4th is tomorrow... 

HAHAH! man! 

I am lame! 

And don't even get me started on the brakes—every time I hit them, it's like a symphony of squeaks and screeches that would make a bat blush.

Now, let's talk lunch. It's like staring into the abyss of my fridge and realizing I've got more condiments than actual food. Decisions, decisions... Do I go for the mystery leftovers or risk it all with a culinary experiment, or just ride it out and starve until dinner?

But hey, it's Friday! The sun is out, shining brighter than... well, it's pretty damn bright sooo got nothing to compare to.. I just wanna kick back, relax, and dive into the virtual world of video games. It's my digital sanctuary of creativity where the only thing I need to worry about is running out of space.

Or how I will connect the waterfront train cargo hub to the town across the way.

But oh, what's this? Eight unanswered text messages amongst a collection of emails glaring at me like a digital army demanding attention. It's like my phone has turned into a nagging parent, reminding me of all the adulting I need to do. Like taking the pool cleaner out for a spin—because apparently, even the pool needs a spa day... hahahh! 

And let's not forget the importance of sending pics of lights. Because nothing says "I care" like a well-lit selfie, am I right? But here I am, duty calls, and I find myself knee-deep in needing to take off to grout a backsplash. 

And with all that said, I'm gonna be fashionably late to the party this morning but hey, Grateful Friday pictures of random thoughts are a morning priority! :) Especially when saying hello to a buddy.

Although random.  Although lots of thoughts... I could not be happier for an opportunity to be so scatterbrained.  It means that I have plenty to do and plenty of people to serve.  Doesn't get "more better" than that! ;)


Have a grateful Friday my friend! 

Chas and I are here if you need anything! 

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