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Slow to start

Happy new year Saturday!

Man, even fresh out of the gate on a new year, I'm slow to the starting line. I really wanted to make sure that I was better with my Friday posts for 2022.... and so what better than to publish on a Saturday!

I am a week out from having been sick with a fever... even still though, it lingers. First time I've had something like that happen. This past week I operated at about 60%. My day wouldn't effectively start until 1030-11am. As soon as I'd get up, I'd need to lay back down and recover. Come 7pm! That's it! I'm gassed! ready for bed.

So strange!

Hoping this week is better. Today was the first day didn't need to lay back down after getting up. Hoping it sticks! :)

Just wanted to wish a buddy happy new year!

Should you need anything, Chas and I are here. :)

This amazing picture was sent to me from a dear friend! :) People know I dig pics! and once she took this in her home state she was compelled to share with a buddy as well. :) So here I also share with a buddy! Looks like a Hallmark cover! :)

Have a grateful weekend!

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