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Monopoly BLACK.. something fun!

Good morning and happy Friday :)

Have you ever created something just for the heck of it?  Thought about it, made it or built it, used it, it didn't work out, modified it, tried it, perfected it, published it?  haha... I know, there was a lot there.  But if you ever have done what I have mentioned there, you'll understand the feeling of absolute joy and accomplishment I'm coming down from.

Literally 3 years ago my brother, Caleb, and I got the wild hair to create our own version of Monopoly.  Over this 3 year time, we have exhausted and beat up our entire family with the constant obsessive talk about it. haha The neat thing is that we tried it, adjusted and perfected, and have finished it. Next week will be its maiden voyage of not being a test run.  Even if it turns out to be a total flop, the joy, the bond, the creative stretching our heads and hearts endured over this time is something that I will take to the grave.  I hope that you someday can feel this kind of joy, if you haven't already.

Because I'm still coming down from the excitement, I wanted to share with you some of the final pieces.  It's called Monopoly Black... Black being, dark in humor. :)

Picture Jewmanji, but Monopoly style :

You're playing Monopoly with a sibling.. you're losing. you've been sent to jail you don't know how many times and your sibling is just racking in the cash.  In a fit of frustration you throw the dice or token and it bounces up, smacking the other player in the nose... ironically creating a nose bleed....(damn good throw) a single drop of blood splashes on the board. In their fit of frustration, you're badgering back and forth... suddenly you smell burning and hear a shifting of sorts... you look down.. and... Monopoly Black has burned it's way through board... The board is different, now there are Red, Green and Gold houses and hotels, extortion cards... a Hitman, natural disasters, even a Casino and Hospital... you're suddenly enthralled and excited to play!

can you see the youtube video? haha :)

The aim of the game is to survive the Mafia and be the last player standing.  We have developed an organic player, The Mafia, who grows with the game itself.  Now the underdog can limp along and watch the wealthy player's empire fall.  There are no more properties... just businesses.  There's a Hitman for hire so you can acquire business from non negotiable players, there's credit cards and Mafia debt, even a Hospital and Casino.  Cards that make you roll only one dice as you limp along the board, special fast cards that let you roll 3 dice... it's brilliantly created and will redefine what playing Monopoly was like in years past.

Extortion Card: (21 unique cards)

Community Chest​: (21 unique cards)

Chance: (21 unique cards)

My goal, my hope for the future, is to make time with friends and play this modern twist of a classic with them.  A couple beers, pizza, friendship built, relationships tightened, lots of laughs and something different... kinda like this Friday email... totally unexpected, but you can't help but laugh. we'd call them "Back Friday's" haha 

anyway, I digress... :)

In the spirit of creation, here is this week's picture of the week... I came across this this recently and was suddenly taken back.  Loved it! 

Thank you for taking the time to read my silly story of creation above...  I hope it lightens your Friday.  Being yourself can be so vulnerable and a challenge.  It means a lot to me that you can allow me - us, be ourselves and share this part of our life with you.  This is a safe place to do that, a safe place for others to be themselves and ask vulnerable questions.. unique questions that may only make sense to just them.. this is that safe place.  

Have a grateful weekend :)

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