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Make Your Marc

For a long time of my life I battled with a smidgen of regret - having not joined the military.  I've spoken a lot about my admiration for the services throughout the years. There was a time I almost did join... but, life had different plans for me. 

Fast forward to the older, wiser person I am today, I deeply believe I was put on this earth to serve others, especially those who have served.  There's no shortage of visual volume as I drive on the streets.  I often forget what it looks like to drive up to my truck in the neighborhood.  I don't know whether or not to bow or salute.

When Chas see's it she can't help be a playful, but supportive, asshole,  "I'm proud to be an American!"

When I get stopped at a stoplight, parking lot, wherever, I get asked and assumed that if I served.  My conditioned response is "thank you.  No I didn't.  The military has just had a profound impact on my life."  It's most often received with a head bow of gentle acknowledgment.

Last week while I was driving with Tristan, I could see off in the corner of my eye a man holding his hands high outside his car trying to get the best angle to get a picture, all from two lanes away. 

It was startling. 

As the light turned green and we moved forward, he scurried for a clear side shot of me.  Not with his camera, no, with a salute.  Shit man! getting chills right now!  With a clear moment I looked over at him, two lanes apart, no one between us but empty space.  While driving, the man lifted his right hand, placed it tight to his forehead/brow area and delivered me a crisp, serious salute.  He wasn't excited or pumped, it was entirely delivered with a sign of respect. All I could do was bow my head in thanks and give a thumbs up.

Yesterday at a customer's house I was tying my shoe as an older lady passed me on her morning walk.  I looked up and said hello, she continued to walk, slowed as she approached my tailgate, half paused, and tapped the truck.  "be grateful" she said... "be, grateful" and then continued on her way. 

​These later years in my life have been filled with service to others.  Through the happenstance of life's current has pulled me further into a special kind of service.  That is working with my favorite non-profit, America's Mighty Warriors.  

Ninety-six percent of every dollar earned goes into the foundation specifically to serve those who have served and their families. 

I have had so many unanticipated conversations outcomes to my truck wrap that I was led to the idea of having stickers made.  Now when someone stops me to talk, (mostly in the middle of traffic) I ask them if they would like a sticker.  To which they excitedly say, yes! please!  

I have had so many people take the sticker and place it over their heart, bow their head and gesture thank you.  Even have had them follow up behind and honk again acknowledging thanks.  It's deeply moving! I cannot describe the feeling. 

Oftentimes the exchange of the sticker evolves into many different conversations. This opportunity led me to the idea of adding more information on the back of the peel-off part of the sticker.  It includes a brief mention of what the truck means and why, along with giving credit to what charitable efforts our business is involved with AMW, and most importantly, to share about the foundation itself.

​The unexpected return of this contribution to others has been random notes left on my truck, a customer saying thank you in the kindest way, or a neighbor going out of his way to say thanks - the way the service community does.  Still, riddled with chills and an overflowing heart.

Last year I was honored with the request to be the event coordinator for our largest fundraising event of the year.  The birthday celebration of Marc Lee, the first Navy SEAL killed in combat in the Iraq War.  For almost 10 years now, AMW has celebrated the life and legacy of his sacrifice on the battlefield on/around his birthday.  

At the event we eat good food, hear great stories of testimonials, see some incredible items for sale - live and silent.  Amongst that, we have incredible guest speakers there to talk about their experience and impact from and with Marc.  I have had the privilege to bring our boys to the event.  The messages run at a deep, deep level.  It means a lot to share this kind of experience with them through their young short lived lives.

To my joyful excitement, this year I have been asked again to participate as the event coordinator!  I am deeply honored to help make this event possible.  Both in person at the event and the back of house logistics.

Please consider joining us this Saturday evening, April 6, 2024 at the Scottsdale Gun Club ( 14860 N Northsight Blvd, Scottsdale, AZ 85260) 

The VIP event starts at 4:30PM and the regular event starts at 5:30PM.

You can buy your tickets here: TICKETS

This year's guest speaker is Navy SEAL Kevin Lacz.  He was the medic who was there when Marc was fatally wounded. 

As you likely saw earlier, the stack of stickers, I had a number of them printed to be given out at the event as a thank you and to carry on the message.  I truly love to hand one to you at the event.. So please! :)  If you can, WE would love that.

If you cannot attend, I do understand.  To make this easy on you though, our silent auction is live and running right now.  Right now you can bid on some really awesome items! 

Just text "MakeYourMarc" to 833-755-6550

When you do, a link will come through to you that will welcome you into the auction site :)

Or, if you're reading this from your computer, shoot a pic of this QR code:

And lastly, the easiest from your computer, please check out the site via this link: marcsbdaybash2024

If nothing on our site grabs you, maybe you could consider just being awesome by supporting our cause by making a general donation?? :)

Beyond all of that, I am so very thankful I can at least share something with you that is very important to me.  I really appreciate you reading my thoughts and supporting those efforts.

Have a grateful Easter Sunday :)

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