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Save the Date! 04/15/2023

Good morning this morning! :)

Throughout the years there's been no shortage expressing our involvement with the non profit, America's Mighty Warriors - especially after last weeks post regarding my new truck wrap. :)

Thank you all again btw. :)

Should be interested in more, check out the Patriotic category on GratefulMan :)

Every year in March the organization hosts a birthday bash to celebrate the life and legacy of Navy SEAL, Marc Alan Lee. The vent draws large crowd of supporters to participate in the event. Their are incredible guest speakers, VIP benefits, donations, live auctions (guns, exotic trips, shootings experiences, damn!) and silent auction items that people all over the country can participate in.

Over the years we have donated regularly to Americas Mighty Warriors in the names of our clients, their friends and their families. The part that I find so incredibly different about this organization than any other is that $9 of every $10 raised goes back to helping our Veterans in need, the Gold Star Families who have lost a loved one in combat, and also the incredible random acts of kindness.

The foundations mission is to honor the sacrifices of our troops and the fallen, and their families by providing programs to improve the quality of life, resiliency and recovery.

It's one hell of a positive experience and life changing for some.

Our family has had the wonderful privilege being able to participate in this event, two of which we were able to create some incredible artwork to help raise donations for the organization.

Josh Brill, custom Marc Lee Navy SEAL American Flag Water Fountain

Here's a link to the video:

The other one we built a custom field cross that also raised $700!

Custom field cross metal yard art live a live worthy of their sacrifice

​Every year since our involvement our family is there helping volunteer and keep things working smooth. Including the boys! Even though it's an adult event they've earned the trust to work their - which is super cool for us watch. The effort throughout these years has been motivated by one thing, and one thing only, help as much as possible, wherever possible. Unexpectedly those years of efforts has knighted me an unexpected opportunity to serve in a larger way. I happy to share that I have been asked to lead all the volunteers as the main point of contact for this years upcoming Birthday Bash while helping develop and create the event. :)

WOW! What an honor!

The details are still being worked on, however, I would love for you to save the date, Saturday, April 15th 2023 at the Scottsdale Gun Club and come join us.

Marc Alan Lee, Navy SEAL birthday bash 2023

If you are a business that is moved by their mission as much as we are, we'd love to have your donation help us, help others. The reach of this impact is incredible and life changing. If you would like more information on the donation side of things, I have our sponsorship info attached. They range from high to low, even something as generous as sponsoring a Veteran or Gold Star family to attend the event.

Marc's Bday Bash 2023_Sponsorship
Download PDF • 101KB

I will be sure to share the latest with you of course and of course, should you have any questions please reach out! :) The opportunity means a lot to me and it was important that I shared this exciting news with a buddy. Have a grateful Friday friend!

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