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Almost Navy

Good morning friend :)

I'm short on words today. Not sure if there's just a lot of fog in the head, gassed out, life stuff, work stuff.. not sure this morning. Think I just need some quiet time in the shop, cook some food, and maybe play a video game or sumptn. Not sure... but that's where I'm at this morning.

The only thing going through my head at the moment is what my life would have been had I joined the Navy back when I was barely out of high school. The anniversary of Pearl Harbor was this past Monday, 12/7. So that subject is top of mind, therefore the idea of what life could have been like "had I" goes through my head.

Not a regretting kind of idea.. like damn! I should have! Could you imagine?! man! ... no, not that at all. Just the understanding of it, that's all. The large lot of my friends joined whereas I stayed the course going through college for design because that's where my heart was and I knew what I wanted. But they joined and moved off into their own lives and such. Since I chose a different course my life went another way too. I love my life, my Chas, and my boys... I know that had I chosen the life of the Navy I likely wouldn't have them, nor would I have created the kind of life or the things I have done had I joined. All of which is ok :)

The mind is wandering, that's all. For the first time in damn near my whole life I feel independently confident with who I am and my choices of life. The growth of a child into adulthood comes differently for everyone... like being off on your own kind of adulthood, separate from your parents kind of adulthood. Having to leave your home and go off and be forged is something that forces you out on your own. Many people have done that and come back, although still a kid at heart, but they have been forced to grow off on their own, with no support other than their own actions - I'm assuming this of course. Just makes me wonder about had I, that the "self-aware" independence "within" come sooner for me in that regard.

Not sure, not complaining, not wishing. Just rambling random thoughts come to mind and this is my way of thinking them out loud.

I was talking with a client the other day and he asked me if I had served before... hell, come to think about it, a handful recently have asked if I have served before... any rate, he asked because he said "you just have that look and demeanor that you have served".. Having not served I was flattered. He said that had he not joined he wouldn't have had the ability to start his own business, be disciplined to do the things he doesn't want to.. he gave full credit to his service for that fundamental of himself.

He ended the conversation with me saying that "good for you to be who you are and have what you have, and DID NOT need to join, to serve to have these abilities"... I wasn't fishing for a compliment, I wasn't looking for a way to feel better, but those words he said to me sure made me feel good about the choices in life - even having not joined.

So, I guess I just serve in spirit then hahah :) Which I'm happy to do!.. especially knowing how many have served, how many gave their lives to a cause and can no longer do so.

And R.I.P. to all those who lost their lives on December 7, 1941.

I'm sure many have similar life paths, life choice kinds of thoughts.

Was there a time in your life where you could have gone one way, but went another?

Can be a hell of a rabbit hole if you let your head go that way. haha :) Still compelling thoughts regardless. :) But you're here today and are who you are today because of that. :)

I figured this picture would be a good choice for the wandering mind. :)

Have a grateful weekend!

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