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Picked a Fight, yesterday

With a bougainvillea....

Duh! ;)

Chas is the fighter, not me... (three days a week private MMA training) Bakers MMA

I digress.. :)

I'm happy to report that my old ass doesn't feel as physically brutalized as it could have.

A long standing customer of mine reached out and said that he had some recent struggles with his landscaper and asked if replacing a bush with another bush was in my wheelhouse.  I've already installed a dozen can lights, changed out toilets, medicine cabinets, added outlets, sheesh a stack of stuff!...

So why not get my landscaping on?! 

After I said that I could help him, he asked my landscaping opinion if I could pick out a bush for him for the replacement.

So I did. :)

Considering his age, he did not like tending to the bougainvillea as it was a tough pain in the ass.  If you've ever tended to one, they're a bitch to kill, let alone remove from the ground after 20+ years of rooting itself.


Oaky, now what?!... 

Pff, you didn't think I was gonna do this ALLLL by hand, did you?

Got's me a tow strap and tied me a bowline knot.

My GP taught me how to do the knot.  He said no matter the load on the rope, it will always easily untie when you're done.

Thanks GP! 

And, I used just a tiny bit of technology!

GP would'a been proud! 

Off the rip, the truck sat there and spun the wheels.  The 4" round, twenty year old roots were no quitters! 

So I made the line taught, found each root, and plinked it from the grasp of the ground.

My customer said "be sure not to hurt your truck any!"

I remember my neighbor as a kid trying to take down a palm tree... that dude would get a 10" running start and peg it.  That damn truck would bounce off the ground as soon as the tree said no way! That memory is seared into my head.  I'm definitely not going to do that kind of hell to the truck.

Slow and steady wins the race!

~thanks GP!


I know, silly... I felt quite accomplished! 

I had to put my tools inside the cabin cause I was quite out of room - and then some?! 

After all that teardown, I still had to change out a GFCI, relocate a small wall cabinet, move a piece of art and a hook...

ahem... 24min.. (just sayn) ;)

So when I got home I didn't realize the cuts and bruises I picked up during my small bout with the bougainvillea.  But I will live to fight another day.

At 530 this morning, sipping on coffee, chatting with Chas, this was the first text that I read.

Made all the blood and sweat of effort worth it! 

Hell yeah! 

and now, despite not being broken from the hassle of the fight, I feel smoked...and I just want to play video games. lol! 

But it is Friday and I've not done lunch with my bride in a while, so that's what's up! :)

Have a wonderful weekend my friend! 

We are here if you need any help, have a question about stuff - even what kind of plant to replace your old plant with.  We got you! 

Have a grateful Friday! 

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