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Timing refers to the synchronization or coordination of events or actions to occur at the most advantageous moment. It's about choosing the right moment to initiate or execute something, whether it's in business, sports, relationships, or any other aspect of life. 

Good timing can make a significant difference in the outcome of a situation, leading to success, efficiency, or favorable results. It involves factors like being aware of opportunities, understanding the context, and having the intuition to act decisively when the time is right. In essence, timing is about being in the right place at the right time.

Looking back 21 years ago today, I would have to say that our timing was spot on.

​Chas and I are closer to Avin's age in these pictures than we are now.

Time - gone.

or, did 

Time - start?

In today's fly by night, over obsessed with the world's opinions, short attention span, lack of commitment - being in the 20 year club is becoming smaller and smaller. 

To be here today rocking 7,665 days of commitment, that's some cool ass shit right there.  Cool ass shit the fact that we still like each other - like bestist buddies... I think that's the coolest part.

Considering the date 4/12/24 today, I could not talk about anything other than the date 4/12/03.

For years we as a family would go out to eat and quietly celebrate.  In light of the amazing weather, we figured we'd stay in and cook some fajita like grub and break bread at home.  We snuck out and had lunch yesterday. :)

Amazing the lack for care Father Time has on us.  

Love you babies, love your friends, cherish the small moments in all things - timing is everything.  

I hope everyone can be fortunate enough to make the 20 year club and beyond.

Have a grateful weekend friend! 

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