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Just wanted to say hi :)

Good morning buddy! :)

I had another milestone hit this past week... the handyman business had been hired to go to Flagstaff for a two dayer artwork installation.. over 60 pieces of big art throughout the home. The last time such an opportunity presented itself was being asked to go to Tucson - which was also cool. All in all, it was nice to be asked to do such a thing.

It reminded me a lot about needing to just cut loose and chill now and then. Being gone from the family like that for a couple days made me miss them more. Although I've been inside our home and present at our home a lot - I've been literally pounding on the home trying to get it done and not having it take months to do. Being about 95% done, I can feel the letdown of exhaustion kick in... boy I'm feeling it. Even though they're here with me all day.. I'm presently focused elsewhere - so I miss them.

Just a reminder of the ebbs and flows and knowing when to chillout. Grind when necessary, just don't burn the wheels off... no wins in that... but the tires are about off hahah :)

Just wanted to reach out to a buddy and wish a happy grateful Friday. If you need anything we're just a call away.

Although I did not see water, this picture reminded me of my travels this week :)

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