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A Momentous Friday

Good morning :)

Good cold morning to yas! :)  Today my entire family is up in the cold ass Utah mountains celebrating the accomplishment of my sister's successful completion of the Salt Lake City Police Academy.  Having started as a 911 operator turned 911 dispatcher she had a calling to the job, the roll, the purpose.  

So today I'm short on words as I'm equally short on time.  It was important to me to give a shout out to my sister for her awesome accomplishment on this momentous Friday.  Additionally, I wanted to make sure I said good morning to a friend :)

I hope you have a grateful Friday and a wonderful weekend :)

Cheers to climbing the mountain so many choose not to take! :)

I hope your new years resolution's are making progress!

If you need a buddy, Chas and I are always  here to help if you need anything.

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