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Words from a Snowman

The feet below lead me quietly into the unknown as the crunch of packed snow vibrates up into my being. From here, I can see the wind whisper through trees while it knocks snow off the over loaded tree limbs. Cold air closes in on the small creek in front of me, choking the motion of moving water and freezing it ever shrinking footprint. It's that time of year.

The sun slowly creeps down below the snow covered mountains and I can feel the temperature drop even more. It won't be long before it's dark. So I meander around looking for a nice place to sit and soak the final minutes of the day.

To my fortune, I found a large log, turned on its side. With little effort I tipped it over to sit. It was a little damp, but not too bad.

There I sit in the solace of the moment embracing what feels like a visual gift from the heavens. My tired eyes are drawn into the crystal clear reflection of the horizon while suddenly find myself distracted now fixing upon a floating sheet of ice. It's now slightly skewing the mirrored picture of my surroundings almost hypnotizing me into a trance.

Coming to the moment, shaking off the cold, I'm caught off guard with what looks like a child's stuffed animal lost in the snow...

But it's no stuffed animal - it's a snowman.

It's perfectly placed within a few feet in front of me.

How did I not see this when looking for a place to rest, I wondered???

Not standing more than about 12" tall, it captivated my attention. No matter how I adjusted my perspective it was looking at me with intent.

Right now I can't hear anything now beyond the motion of the water, however while entranced by this snowy little creature, snow starts to fall from the sky, gently muting the sound of all things around me.

Without saying a word, the little snowman starts to speak...

He goes on to me that the physical life of a snowman isn't very long, yet he's lived eons.

In the limited physical life of mine I have learned a many things.
Before the snow fall cuts my time short, may I bestow you with some wisdom?

Unconsciously, I look over my shoulder as if to be caught doing something I shouldn't. Turning my head back, the little snow many is now right at my feet.

Like a small child curled over looking down an insect in the grass, I'm bewildered with interest.

He says,

Every situation in life is temporary. When things are good, slow down be humble, and receive it with grace. Understand that not all things are going to be good or bad forever.

When they are bad, slow down, be humble, and receive it with grace. Know in your heart that the tide will change and this circumstance of today are only for now. Learn and grow from them both.

Understand that life does not let you go back to the beginning; you cannot control that. Yesterday is yesterday for a reason. You can however start from where you are today and change tomorrow.

There is beauty in the darkness of the morning. It is your safe place to become who you want to be as no one can see you, no one can hear you, and there is no shadow to hide behind. This is how you change tomorrow.

Just because society says that this is how something should look like, or that this this is how you must be, or that or, or... although not easy at times, have the courage to be you. This will light a path that only you can see. In doing so, your courage can be contagious.

The universe has an interesting way of bringing important people into your life. Some will be here forever, some will not. That will be dictated by the current of life, and this is something you cannot control, so do not force it.

Understand that there may come a time where you may choose a different path and that some don't want to, or simply can't go down - this will be ok. Some just aren't meant to travel as far or as high as you want to go.

Keep your head up and your eyes forward, because there are more out there... and many will be different than what you may anticipate.

Life is a gift and is not all about just you. It's about the impact you have on others. The closest thing you have to immortality is the legacy you leave in the people you care about. Your footsteps will be there even when you are not here in the physical life.

​And lastly, please be kind. There is so much going on in the world it's hard to know what people a truly dealing with. A smile and kindness will make bigger impact on everyone. I hope these words find you well :) And as if to be woken from a trance or a deep level of distraction, refocusing my attention to the ground, this is all that I can see...

Yet, all that I can remember are the words from a snowman and nothing more. All of which leaves me with... did it even happen?​ Have a grateful and happy Christmas! We appreciate you!

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