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Win some, lose some

The other day Tristan came up to me asking me to buy something.. this is a frequent request from both boys - especially as they get older. This particular day I was just fried.. Rather than tell him no, I asked him to come here.

I showed him my phone:

Me: What does this say?

Tristan: 327 dollars and 90 cents.

Me: What's in front of the dollar sign?

Tristan: a minus sign.

Me: correct, that means I have less than zero dollars in this account.

Tristan: oh?

Me: yes, and because of that, I have to also pay a $38 penalty because I didn't make sure there was enough money in there.

Tristan: man that sucks.

Me: yes it does. So right now bud, I really don't want to talk about buying anything.

Tristan: Ok Dad :)


He normally rides me endlessly to buy things, but this delivery, he was understanding and didn't push it.

LOSE: sucks to be overdrawn - especially when you have the money to transfer but didn't manage your time well.

WIN: A pressure free opportunity to teach a young mind about a life moment where his Dad isn't invincible; I'll take that all day!

LOSE: In 2020, I only missed one grateful message.

Last year, 2021, I missed three... for the entire year

Today is April 15, 2022, and already I've missed THREE grateful messages...

WIN: GratefulMan has been showing up for 6 years now. Today's grateful message makes for #256. There's more consistency in that than having dropped the ball a couple times.

My good buddy and I are coaching our boy's little league football team this season.

We are the Saints.

LOSE: We had our ass handed to us on game one.. ass handed and beat!

We lost our second game, but put points on the board.

Although it was a scrimmage game, we lost our third game by only two touchdowns..

WIN: there was progress in each game. Both in the coaches and players. The last loss, the kids didn't even care they were so happy to have put up a fight... I'll take that!

LOSE: Yesterday I was supposed to be at physical therapy for my knee, but I canceled.

WIN: I took the boys to school and let Chas have the morning off.

LOSE: Today I was supposed to workout first thing... I did not.

WIN: I'm still sore from Wednesday morning and didn't want to. I still got up before 7am, took a shower, and made the bed. I responded to 13 voicemails on my phone, did laundry and put it away... still productive.

As I get to know myself better each day, I am discovering that I am a very competitive person... However, I only care about winning against myself.

I only care about improving better than me.

I only lose sleep over what I am not doing.

For the first time in a very, very long time, I have had so much on my plate, so much that I need a second plate. I am finding the shit that makes a difference on that plate. Doing do, means I will tip, fumble, and spill the plate... I need to make a mess in order to find these things.

I will lose some days doing this.

It sucks.

I fucking hate it!

But, myself kicks in and says that it's ok.

Don't take me so seriously.

The point of the matter is the "some"...

Because as long as I keep after it, I will win some.

and me, myself and I don't plan on quitting. :)

Have a grateful GÜD Friday!

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