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Today for Tomorrow

Today is guaranteed only to the extent you're fortunate to wake up this morning.

Tomorrow is always a possibility...

Tell them you love them today, don't wait until tomorrow.

Because the sell-by date is today, tomorrow could be expired.

If there's no money to pay the bills today, it is going to be okay if they are held off until tomorrow.  Just don't waste too many tomorrows...

As Master Woo said, don't put off for tomorrow for what can be done today.

Should things be shitty today, don't say you're having a bad day,

instead, say that you're having a character building day.

If you feel like quitting, if you need a day off, wait until tomorrow; chances are you're fine.

If the feeling continues, you might need a day off, but if you are to procrastinate anything, procrastinate taking tomorrow off.

As my GP said, if I had it to do over again, this is what I'd do.

So today goes for tomorrow.  

When the sun comes up and you're gifted the opportunity to participate, make better strides today all the while, give yourself grace to try it again tomorrow.

The hard path less taken is going to be difficult today...

should consistency follow, tomorrow's path will be easier.. if not, it will at least be familiar - keep going.

Your happiness, your health, your contribution to the community is for a better tomorrow...

This is your responsibility, today.

Be thankful for today! 

Be grateful for tomorrow!

The world needs you <3

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