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The world doesn't wait

Thank you for that.

I know you didn't know what you were doing when you did what you needed to do; but, I needed that more than you know.

For a time longer than necessary I was gun shy about how I would, when I would; largely because I was concerned about how others would feel... specifically you - but you didn't know that...

and in a mystical way, it makes the whole thing kinda beautiful.

The splinter of apprehension is gone.

I feel so much better, thank you.

The world doesn't wait_______.

You either do or you don't. Waiting too long simply puts the sticky kind of dust on something wonderful. If it's something that's important to you, don't wait... you can't wait. Because when you're finally ready, the sticky kind of dust doesn't just blow off... you have to commit another level of effort to wash it, rub it down again. Meanwhile you risk there will be a spot in the crease that is incredibly hard to clean, or worse, impossible to clean. Forever a blemish because you waited too long.

If it doesn't involve those who live in your four walls, do not wait to do something amazing.

Just know they will be fine, they will be more supportive than you think they will.

The world doesn't wait, nor should you.


Does anyone have some thieves I can borrow? :)

I gots a smidgen of sticky dust I need to address! :)

Have a grateful weekend. :)

*picture provided by none other than my 12 year old boy, Tristan. I watched the spark in his eye when he realized he wanted to make this picture possible. He was thrilled by its outcome... I can't say I disagree.

It's an awesome pic!

Have a grateful weekend :)

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