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The Power of Story :)

Happy Friday wonderful person :)

This morning I really didn't know what I was going to talk about until just a little bit ago. :) Today makes for post #178. That is (for the most part) one grateful email every Friday since January of 2017. Prior to embarking on this regular blogging effort I never knew what putting my thoughts down on paper would do to and for me.

As a kid and hell into adulthood, I struggle with speaking my thoughts or dealing with confrontation. When I was younger I was that handwritten card, email person.. My thoughts were and still are more sound and collected through my fingers, rather than my voice.

Life side note: ironically up until starting a new life in real estate, I had routinely been made fun of for my physical voice. The fact that it was soft, gentle, just didn't fit my body, so on and so forth, I'd be picked on. I've been bullied for it in my career before real estate, hell my brothers rode me for years for it... all being said, I've felt more comfortable through my words.

The biggest surprise for me is the frequent unprovoked feedback I get from my friends who read it. Whether it's connecting with someone who makes a change in their life because of words that I wrote, or things like "you should write a book" kind of stuff. All of this is something that I never anticipated and each time something happens like this it really surprises me.. leaving me beyond grateful and humbled.

I often talk about things going on in my life and the sometimes stresses of the real estate business for me. Not as much stress but just finding my place in this "real estate" world. Over this 5 year journey I have had a handful of other agents and lenders tell me that I, now "we" with our growing team :) ,that we are very unconventional. Not until I heard that out loud did something really click. As time would go on and our identity grew I worked hard to find the confidence to lean into that unconventional-ness...

I mean, come'on bro! you have a smiley face as a logo! hahah!

That being said... I owe you, YOU, my friend reading this... I owe you a huge thank you!.. not only from your support of readership, but the unanticipated expectation that I show up and write something every week. Good or bad.. just something. All of this has really trained my head in organizing my thoughts, land and lead with a joke like a comedian, cultivate words to describe how I'm feeling... or most importantly how to effectively tell a story. :)


have given me a platform to practice - so thank you. truly... from the damn very bottom of my big ass heart.

Thank you!

This past month the universe has granted us a handful of opportunities to serve clients in selling their homes. One of my favorite parts of selling a home is trying to paint a picture of how someone would feel about themselves and their home. Back to being unconventional and truly going against the grain... how we rock the public remarks in the MLS is wildly against the grain.

In the MLS there's a place called the public remarks... this is a place that allows only "800" characters to describe the home. This is the spot to connect with the buyer in selling the home. More times than not, the public remarks all say the same thing.

True pride of ownership! This won't last long! Too many features to list!... blah blah blah... additionally so, many just - literally - regenerate the pictures into a write up...

much like this doesy:

VACANT Ashbury Estate Model with Awesome Golf Course Views of Granite Falls North #17 Fairway. Many Nice Features & Upgrades Include 2 Bedrooms, 2.5 Baths, Den, Welcoming Curb Appeal Faux Stone Fascia, 2 Leaded Glass Front Doors, Diagonal Tile, Granite Kitchen Counters, Staggered Cabinets With Crown Molding, Kitchen Island, Extended Breakfast Nook With Bay Window, R O, Brushed Nickel Hardware, Bay Window In Master Bedroom, Two Sinks In Master Bath, Separate Tub And Shower In Master Bath, Guest Bedroom With Private en-Suite Bath, Windows & Sliding Doors Replaced, Built-In Garage Cabinets And Two Electronic Air Filters. Outside Features PVC Landscape System, Extended Garage, Golf Cart Garage, Rain Gutters, Extended Covered Patio & Heated Saltwater Spool with Water Feature.

All that shit is already in the pictures or in another spot easily found on the MLS.. it has always frustrated me.

So in an unconscious effort of leaning into the unconventional approach, I have found myself telling stories about the homes, rather than listing the basics. Now 5 years into real estate with 3.5 of those years writing this blog... I can truly sit back and say this was an evolution of practice that led into helping people sell their homes. My stories have all gotten better over time because of you... so thank you!

This may seem kinda weird, ok, sure, you're welcome kind of thing.. but no, truly it has helped me convey thoughts but also have the courage to do so. In the beginning I would get heat, crap, a little side shit, from other agents of my telling stories rather than the norm...

"This is not how to sell a home" "oh how silly and cute, I'm going to call and give him crap" "you make the house seem like this, that's why it's not selling"... so on and so forth. Those are legitimate kinds of feedback I've gotten from other agents...

Lord it was hard on my heart! about feeling like a total fraud... it didn't feel right to just convey details the way everyone suggested I do.. I remember talking to Chas about it wondering if I'm just wasting my time.. She'd tell me nope!.. keep doing what you're doing. It's so refreshing, I can see myself there, your sellers like it, keep after it.

Meanwhile, my friends here, reading my weekly thoughts tell me how I'm impacting their life, I love the way you write, thank you, where's my Friday email??.. all of which gave me the confidence to keep after it. - so thank you!

Then weird shit started to happen.... I'd get calls from random buyers... "oh my gosh, who wrote that story?.. what story? the one about football and the breeze with the door open?.. .that one.. oh.. I did... thank you! it was amazing...


I'd like to buy that house please - you spoke right to me!

Palm Ln

Public Remarks: It's almost kickoff time! As soon as you pull into your two garage you're upstairs in a flash! Just as you place the box of pizza on your kitchen island you hear the whistle blow from the ref behind you. Just in time! Off in the distance you can hear the sound of the shower going in your guest's private bathroom. Sun cuts through the kitchen window like a spotlight on tonight's dinner. You grab a slice and open your porch to bring in the evening breeze. As you sit on your couch you put the TV on mute... The shower stops, it's quiet. The only sound is the bouncing blinds from the evening breeze. The smell of fall fills the high ceilings and you're suddenly in a trance of relaxation and are overwhelmed with the feeling of completeness... your heart is full – this is your home. :)

Suddenly Bam! ... it was sold!

Sold it to someone who hadn't even seen it in person. I was blown away. Thank you Chas! Thank you friends for encouraging me to keep writing.

One of these past weeks I made a comment about having received 22 offers on one of our listings... unprovokingly we had handfuls of people playfully say "they can taste the brisket - here's our offer", "great story! I'm hungry now"... hahah!

Maui Ln

Public Remarks: The sound of a metal spring and a clunk! The hood of the truck closes. Putting the wrench in your back pocket you round the corner through the front door. Sunlight has filled the entire space while tile floor can be seen everywhere. 9' ceilings are filled with the smell dinner and homemade BBQ sauce. You give the sauce a light stir on the stove, then reach inside your stainless side-by-side fridge to grab a beer. Working back out front you take a seat in your north facing yard. It's now covered in shade as the sun sets in the west. The screen door draws the smell of smoked brisket around you as the evening sun spot lights the American Flag. With a gentle snap and a whip she waves in the sky. You crack open the beer and pause for a moment, filled with joy, this is what home feels like. :)

My goal in wanting to write this way was motivated by the thought that when the buyer sees the home in person, and should they read this, they can see themselves doing exactly that. We live, we eat, we are in Arizona... that's what many of us do. I want people to fall in love beyond the basics.

Side note: This is fresh in my head because I had no clue what to write this morning and before I could do the fun stuff, this blog, we were again awarded an opportunity to help someone sell their home and needed to tell their story and publish on the MLS first... so all of that is just feening through me.

I'm sure you can see how hard it is for me to stay within the 800 character limit.. hahah! especially with a passionate-excited-rant-post like this. hahah :)

156th Ct

Public Remarks: With a click and a tink, you can hear the grill heating up. The gazebo overhead is shadowing the evening sun as you watch it settle down behind the mountains. A crisp beer is in hand, tipping one back you're lost in thought w/imagination. The large backyard is filled with the smell of fresh cut grass along w/the effervescence of dirt. Your long waited for pool has just been excavated; you can hear the splashes now. You pop inside passing the split master bedroom and turn the heat down on your stainless steel gas stove. The vaulted ceilings encompass the kitchen and living space like a large comfortable hoodie. Grey laminate flooring lead you to throughout as you near the front screen door. Rain is coming. Breathing in the damp desert you pause and think... this is what home feels like. :)

Over the last year or two I've had handfuls of other agents ask if I could write their public remarks, or them ask, "he, I was pulling from the book of Josh and wanted your thoughts on proofing my story"... really cool stuff... just makes my heart sing!

Unless you've by chance come across our listings you wouldn't see them.. Here are a couple winners that either sold the home or are just plain ass cool :)


Post Dr

Public Remarks: It's early in the morning and the world hasn't yet woken up... You lace your shoes, pop into your open kitchen to grab a bottle of water. It's still dark enough to where your cabinets cast a warm light as they bounce off the granite counters. You're outside. The neighborhood is still sleeping but the sun is up welcoming you to the day. As you walk on the paths you can hear the Dove's ''who'ing'', the sun is beaming while the mountains remind you of where you are. Once back at home you're welcomed with beautiful morning sunlight as it beams off the tile floors shadowing ceiling and walls. You can hear your guest getting ready for the day in their private full bath. The back door is open letting in a gentle breeze pass through the home. You take a quiet moment and realize this is your home. :)


Paradise Ln

Public Remarks: Click, click, flame... you can hear the tinning of your sauce pan warming up, suddenly the hiss of freshly chopped vegetables hit the hot pan. Welcome to a Chefs Paradise, on Paradise Ln. :) As you walk through your 8' pantry door you reach for the potatoes and bring them to your white granite kitchen island. Just over your shoulder you can hear kids playing volleyball outside. As your food continues to cook you step out to arrange the private courtyard for later this evening. Company coming and is staying in the down stairs getaway suite. Natural light is everywhere and the high ceilings are filled with the smell of tonight's dinner. Every room features 8' doorways and spacious walk in closets. Plenty of space for family and just enough for moments of solitude. Welcome to your home :)


Jefferson St

Public Remarks: C'lisk! fss~ foam from your beer cascades down your cold glass. It's evening time, you're on your south facing front porch patiently waiting for your guests. You peer in through your plantation shutters and can see Mom prepping tonight's dinner in your open kitchen. Light beams off granite countertops as you pop inside. Hard tile flooring surfaces guide you throughout as you approach your 8' sliding door. Once outside the smell of grilled food draws you out. Your Dad has nothing but envious praises about your grill and your backyard paradise. You remember they're staying down the hall from your split master bedroom. The sunset beams through mature trees and casts a gentle glow of warmth over your face. You tip back and polish off your beer. This is your housewarming party, welcome home. :)


Ironically as I come to a close on my thoughts, Tristan came into my office with total excitement and passion about a school project... oddly enough it was his assignment to write a story and he was thrilled to read me the intro.

About 15 minutes later he came in and asked "since you're in here working on your blog post, and since you're the family story guy, could I write my story in your office with you?"... I warmingly said yes, that would be just fine.

At the moment he's storytelling right behind me. :)

There was a lot in there today.... I'm incredibly grateful for your time. Sometimes after these thoughts I feel so much better, less stressed out, much like a good cry session... Today for some reason feels just like that... so I needed it. I hope you and your family have a wonderful and grateful weekend. As always, we are here if you need anything. :) The title of this picture is called "Welcome to Oregon".... Bucket list! :)

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