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The cure for too much Turkey!

Good morning this morning! This is that time of year when you are just turkey'd the F out! Days after Thanksgiving you try to reinvent such a meal so you don't feel guilty throwing it away...

  • Turkey Soup

  • Turkey Pot Pie

  • Turkey Casserole

  • Turkey Sandwiches

  • Turkey Enchiladas

  • Turkey Salad

  • Turkey Wrap

  • Turkey Croquettes

  • Turkey Tetrazzini

  • Turkey _________

At the end of it all - it's still damn-ass-turkey! I have the cure for too much Turkey!

It's called a Bomb-Ass-Omelet-Quesadilla with an egg-cheese crust!

Years ago Chas stumbled upon this awesome dish when we were deep into Keto. Since then however, I have fallen in love with it and have now mastered the ability to create such a breakfast on a consistent basis of excellence! It's a ridiculous level of deliciousness that's easy to make and clean up is a sinch! After you champion yourself to follow these stupid easy 15 steps you will have a line of patient mouths ready to devour its crusted perfection, making them love you long time for it! I have messed this dish up a number of times, so follow my 15 steps one by one to ensure that you don't find yourself deciding to punt and just make a scrambled egg and bacon breakfast burro! hahaha

Let's get this bitch started!

The Ingredients:

You gotta keep the ingredients simple or this will be a bitch of management mess!

  1. Tortilla: I prefer Mission Carb Balance because it keeps my carbs in check for one, but two, this brand cooks up super well and is better than others. (trust me, I've tried!)

  2. Eggs: Duh!... wouldn't be an omelet without it dude! :)

  3. Heavy Whipping Cream: Oh yes! this is a must if you've never!

  4. Cheese: Colby jack melts the best and it doesn't take away from the flavor pallet

  5. Cooked Bacon: I've made this with Sausage before too.

  6. *VARIABLE: You can choose to add other stuff to this as you would make your own kind of omelet. I can say however, step into this afterwards. Other ingredients have been known to sog this up making it a shitshow of a creation.

KIS'B: Keep It Simple BRO

Get Scrambled!

This is an important first step! If you're rocking dried minced onions this is especially crucial. Doing all this shit first will ensure that by the time you're ready to pour the mix into the pan the onions will have had a good amount of time to soften up and the seasonings will have had some time to marry together!

  1. Three Eggs

  2. Pepper

  3. Garlic Powder

  4. Tony's Creole

  5. Minced Onion

  6. Heavy Whipping Cream

Follow the order here for ease of not messing up!


  • Crack 3 eggs into the bowl

  • Pour the whipping cream next to a yolk

    • as soon as it's as big as the yolk - STOP! :)



  • Then, cover a yolk with minced onion.

    • Once you cannot see the yolk - STOP! :)


Step 3

  • Shade the eggs with Tonys, garlic powder, and pepper.

**Doing this without having broken anything really allows you to see the seasoning so you don't overdo it.


  • Beat that shit up!


**While the action gets underway this is a great staging location for a drippy fork!

Allows the drippage to fall accordingly!

Step 5

Pregame action!

  • Grate cheese on top of tortilla.

    • This will let you see exactly how much cheese you want.

    • The visual of this process is very helpful.

**Brand the cheese with your trademark signature!

Ever since I was a kid I've always taken me a smidgen of a bite out of the corner of the cheese! hahah!


Step 6

Stage appropriate level of bacon.

  • Picture splitting the tortilla in half.

  • This ensures that when you fold it up, it's already been designed to fit with the right amount of bacon!

Step 7

  • On a 10" saucepan, square off about this much butter and heat the pan up to medium/low temp.

Make coffee!

Step 8

Stage work space for quick action cooking.



Below the tortilla: have bacon on one side and cheese on the other.

  • Once butter is melted as shown, pour that beautiful omelet juice into the pan

  • While the pan gets warm and cozy with the egg, take this moment to clean up your shit!


Step 9

Time to massage the egg!

  • Once the egg starts to swell up, the butter will start to spit at you. This is the time when you need to start massaging the outer areas.

  • The heavy whipping cream adds a thickening level of mass to the omelet.

    • In a pinch milk works too - not as good as the heavy whipping cream :)

  • NOTE: In the future, making scrambled eggs without this small trick will make the scramble/omelet less awesome!

    • No one wants that!

The plan is NOT to fully cook the omelet, instead we need to encourage the egg to cook quicker - but! not cook fully.

Follow me :)

Rather, the goal is to continually move the uncooked egg off the topside of the omelet down to the edges. Here's a neat trick my awesome bride showed me :)

  • Take the spatula and slide down and forward some, then stop!

  • With the other hand, lift the pan up some and twist it towards you.

See how the spatula dams up the cooked egg? Now the uncooked egg slides down then pools around the spatula increasing the cooking time of the egg :)

I know?! Right?!

Epic shit right there! :) The intent is to keep pushing the slightly cooked sides into each other all the while keeping an eye on the center. It should be a little shiny while the surrounding parts of the egg are cooked.

Step 10

Tortilla time! This is when the metamorphosis takes place!... we are now making a quesadilla! Here is another tick Chas showed me. This will greatly step up your cooking game, therefore making you a total badass!!

  • Just before you're ready to flip the omelet over the top of the omelet will have a small slimy sheen to it.

    • BE CAREFUL THOUGH: You need to make sure the egg is pretty much cooked. Not doing so will make these next steps suuuuuckkk!!

  • When you see this last bit of sheen, grab the tortilla and plop it on there!

  • Then turn the tortilla with a little bit of pressure....

    • We are making this bitch a masterpiece!

  • Now, with your fingers, flip the tortilla and put it back!

    • Check out that smidgen of egg that's now going to cook on the outside of our quesadilla!

Time to flip that bitch ASAP!

If you had enough butter on the pan, the flip would have been smooth! - although cumbersome for the inexperienced! :)

Step 11

Load it up!

This is when things get a bit stressful... there is NO more butter on the pan! So do not dick around - you need to get after it! Now check this shit out! It's as if you set yourself up for success!!! hahaha Efficiency at its best!!!!

  • On half of the omelet add some cheese

  • Then bacon

  • then some more cheese


  • Now close it up!

    • ahhhh!!! Just look at the nicely cooked egg crust! Dude! :)

I know! I know! We're almost done!!!

Step 12

Butter my backside will ya?! If you're as prepared as I've tried to lead you to be, butter should be in proximity!

  • While the shit is still hot, schmear some butter along the top side allowing the remnants of melted butter to tickle down the backside of the tortilla, searing against the pan. ;)

  • Like starting a fight, push the quesadilla into the foaming butter; sauce it up bro!!

  • Give it a quick hot minute, then flip that bitch over!

    • Check out that liquid gold flavor!

Step 13

Top me off Alice!

  • If you've been paying attention, you should still have some leftover cheese!

  • Dust your plate off!

Oh yeah!!

  • Since the cheese has been sitting out for a bit, it'll melt down and stick to the outer side of the tortilla.

  • Once the cheese has embraced the buttery tortilla, flip that bitch again!

    • The cheese is now making happy tears!!

  • Give it a short sear, then tip'r over one last time :)

    • BRO!!! just look at the cheesy flakes!

  • Finally, the crescendo!

  • Stand it up like a taco!

    • it will want to separate some, so watch that, but this should only take a second really :)

  • Knock'er down one last time!

  • Then take'r off the burner and place it on the cheese-bacon-tortilla-plate to let it cool :)

Step 14

Clean up yo shit! but first!

Make more coffee!

  • While the creation of greatness is cooling down and the pan is still hot, take one full square paper towel and fold it into fourths.

  • simply wipe up the evidence!

    • BOOM!

Step 15, the finale!

After a quick clean up the omelet quesadilla has now cooled down to a desirable consumption temperature...

  • The only thing left to do is stuff your face hole!!

  1. The fork I used to beat the eggs: CHECK!

  2. The plate used to hold the tortilla, cheese, and bacon: CHECK!

  3. Folded over paper towel from the pan clean up: CHECK!

    • All of the above makes you feel really good about your efforts!

  4. Side of avocado loaded with everything-bagel seasoning

  5. The bomb-ass-omelet-quesadilla w/an egg-cheese crust

  6. A hot cup of joe!

    • DDFD!

HAHAHA!! That was fun! I enjoyed sharing it with you! Please let me know if you give this recipe to total badassery a try. :) Or, if you have any questions! Have a grateful weekend!

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