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Should'a been an update... but.

Good morning friend! :) I had full intentions of sharing some cool real estate market data with you... but it was older than anticipated. No one likes old news! >D hahah! Here in a couple days however new info will be released and I'll be sure to share it then. :) Now I feel kinda like a tool too. That totally took the gas out of me, so now I'm sorta floundering. To not make anything more uncomfortable than it needs to be, I'm going to just wish you an amazing Friday! with the hopes of a Grateful weekend! :) Avin has his last home football game of the year, so that'll be our evening! This picture cycled through my backgrounds this morning... I thought it was damn pretty! :)

Really makes you wanna get away!... I can hear the water now in my head... but at the very moment, as I hear the boys bitch at each other as they get ready for school... I'm going to pretend those are just mine and Chas's footsteps.. kid free, >D hahha! If you or someone you know needs help with anything, Chas and I are just a call or text away. Have a wonderful day, friend.

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