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She Said Yes

Many years ago in a life not yet established, I stepped out of my comfort zone on a Christmas Eve and surprised Chas with a gift of possibility.

It was a promise ring.

Fast forward a year later, I had found a way to abscond that promise ring back. I do not don't remember where my head was entirely, but I know what my intentions were from that day - just wasn't sure how to approach it.

Later on that evening, fooling around doing kid stuff, I took a gamble and slipped the ring back on the finger... afterwards however, I slipped another ring on the opposite hand..

Shit got real.

She quickly jerked back in shock mixed with WTF?!

Sure'nuff! Without a TV idea, youtube inspiration, or a Tick-Tock moment, I figured out how to propose to her in a uniquely creative way - all on my own.

To my anticipation,

She said, yes.

Prior to my proposal I had asked my GP if I could have his mothers wedding ring. (this had been told to me years prior... I just happened to have a legitimate reason now :)

Aside from the scaffolding I have, and backyard furniture, the wedding ring is the only other heirloom I have.

You see, the gamble was that while messing around in the bed (not keenly paying attention to details) I slipped the engagement ring on her finger first, then only after that situation paid off did I slip the promise ring on... but this time it was the right hand.

Follow? :)

So the very next day Chas went into work with a white-gold promise ring on her right hand, and an older, yellow-gold ring on her left hand. In her celebration of excitement showcasing the new news, someone asked her...

WAIT!? Was it before or after midnight?

Before, why?... Because that would have been the worst April fools joke of all time! LOL! This is the only reason why I know the date that I proposed to Chas! hahahh Today is that fateful day... 3/31... It just happens to be 21 years into the future. Fast forward a couple more Christmases, she's still attached to my hip. I guess that's how you do it. :)

Considering the alignment of the dates, I couldn't not share that story. ​ Would it surprise you that Chas still has the promise ring, engagement ring, wedding ring (reset with the heirloom diamond) another more fancy ring, AND now wears a silicone ring?.. probably not.. :) But would it surprise you that I am now on my 4th ring too?.. but the original split in half, the second (tungsten) shattered, and my first silicone ring got disheveled and tore apart... I'm on my second silicone ring now.. That probably isn't very surprising considering the work I do. hahah :) Speaking of work... *small side note regarding the date 3/31, today I also celebrate starting my 9th year in real estate... the story above was more important though. ;) Have a grateful weekend! :) We're here if you need anything!

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