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powder coat = super man glitter ;)

​​​Good morning! :)

Another 4th of July down!   We hope you had an awesome one.  This year for us was the first one we did not go see them.  The boys are getting older and would rather just stay in and swim.... so that is pretty much exactly what we did.

We also had friends over that day too... Thankfully our heirloom patio door furniture was just completed on its awesome powder coat job.  You may recall a recent post of mine, metal dust = man glitter ... this showed the rebuilding of my grandparents patio set.. it was a really nice treat and a quietly moving kind of rebuild.

Special thanks to Powder Coating AZ for doing such an amazing job on the work.  They are super down to earth, very affordable, and did great work.  We're very happy with them.  Same with JMT Electrical Manufacturing for the metal pieces used in lieu of the plastic straps.  Both companies knew the history behind my grandparents special set and both were very supportive of the intent and effort.

Below are some incredible before and after pics... In Grampa fashion... "had I had it to do over again" .. I would have chosen different cushions.  These ones are pretty!.. but, super, super fluffy.  They pinch under your legs in the dead space of the supports.  Next time the cushions will be flat in nature.  Aside from that, they're awesome.  The red was inspired by the red hibiscus plants. :)







awesome detail! 

classic look but fresh! Like new paint on a classic car :) We were very happy with the outcome of the look.  It meant a lot that the guys whom helped us treated the set with a lot of care.  I wish I could show my buddy Grampa what this looks like now.  Hoping he wouldn't say "Had I had it to do again, I would have used plastic straps"  haha! :) Now to what makes Friday's so special :)

I can hear the waves crashing now :) I've had about 3 hours of sleep today and needed to make sure before my day kicked off I took care of my Friday commitment.  I'm on my way to help a client out before they close on the home we helped them sell... the new Buyer didn't want the dogie-doors left on the garage doors... so rather than replacing the doors, I had my buddies at  JMT Electrical Manufacturing hook us up with some custom kickplate covers to cover the holes from the door.  

Our clients are on vacation, so I'm going to go over after this email and install 4 of these on the doors so we can close :)  I'll remember to take some pics so I can show you the final look of the doors next Friday. As always :)  Chas and I are here to help if you need anything. Have a grateful Friday friend :)

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13 de nov. de 2020

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