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Operation Snow Bench | OSB2017

Good morning and happy Friday!! :)


Boy I sure hope it stays like this today... it's amazing outside.

Speaking of amazing outside, our trip to UT this weekend was wonderful.  Nice temperature and excellent company.  Even better... We completed OSB - "Operation Snow Bench"

Here are some pics of it's progress... man! you could park a car on this and it wouldn't even flinch. :)

​Pretty damn close to our original intent?!?! weird....  haha :)   Next project coming up will be for myself finally... It'll be my custom shelves that match the desk I built.  stay tuned! :)

One of my favorite things about having shared my pictures with people over the years is that every so often people send me a picture to add to my collection.  The slightly overcast sky and smell of rain reminds me of one I just received a few weeks ago.  She caught the light just right :)

Enjoy today's picture of the week :)

Can you smell the desert in this pic?! :) Boy I sure can! 

If there is anything information we can share with you or someone you know, please let Chas or I know, we'd be grateful lead them to their best decision.

Have a joyful and grateful weekend. :)

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