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Most fave of all 800+ pics!!

Good morning my good friends :)

Of all the 800+ pictures I have - this is hands down in my top 5.  The power, the color, the emotion... love it! :)  I know some probably prefer a lake or forest shot... but I don't doubt this one is like seeing a really cool firework as a kid "wow" haha.. never-mind me :) 

Things are picking up out there, like really; which is good for everyone. :)  If you or someone you know is looking for honest and selfless leadership to help guide them through this process so you/they can make the best decision for them or yourselves.. All while being in the comfort of your's or their home... pizza, beer, laptop hooked to the TV, teaching, socializing, bonding, teaching... it's fun  :) However I can, I'd be grateful to help. :)  

Enjoy your Friday and deserved weekend :)

All my best,

-Josh :)

(photographer unknown... I take ZERO credit for this awesome picture)

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