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Late, but early :)

Good happy Saturday morning to you :)

I know right?! two Saturdays in a row man? What's up?! well.. nothing is up. hahah. For transparency I do prefer doing my weekly grateful messages on Fridays - preferably in the mornings. I put so much love into them it can easily chew up a whole Friday afternoon/evening if not done first thing...

One of my goals this year was to quit being late, or at least greatly minimize the tardiness I've picked up. It's not from a lack of not trying, what I need to work on is not overloading my days. I am REALLY good at just packing the piss out of my day. I find myself committing and committing. Like a tetris game of time in route... Ok, I'll be here, then I can hit here in route, then pick this up, meet this person here, then it'll line me up coming home, solid!

I would randomly set up appts or commitments on my Fridays... I'll be quick in the morning.. low and behold, I'm DEEP into a train of thought in my grateful message that there's no turning it off.. only until recently have I been able to say BRO! it's been a half hour, stop, follow through on the first commitment. So... I'm late AND I didn't complete my task - wonderful! (insert a massive teenager "eye roll" here!) Then once home, usually hours later, it's me, keyboard, door shut, and an adult beverage joins me while I spend my afternoon evening completing my task. Followed by lots of interruptions from my fam, "are you done" , "how much longer" , "what about now"... which makes perfect sense. I should have been done already.

That's just one example of my time. I also struggle telling people no, or interrupt a convo with Chas or a phone call saying I really need to go. All these things have made me regularly late. Which isn't good... but again, it's on me for having not managed my time well enough. Thankfully though, I don't ever show up late without a 15-20min heads up (before I'm supposed to be there) that I'm not going to make it. hahah! gotta find the good in there somewhere.

All being said, yesterday I chose to not be late and not start my grateful message before my commitment. A handful of handyman clients have been asking for a 730AM start time.. which, if I wasn't spending my mornings doing real estate or admin stuff that would not be a problem with my time... but, shit fills up quick. All without enough breathing time and I'm already late and will just take care of it later. Thank the heavens I'm so ADHD.. it just feels normal that my time be all over the place just like my thoughts! hahah

So here we are, 5am on a Saturday morning... and would you know?! I committed to a 6am start time for a handyman job, followed by a house showing in town about 35/40min away from my job, ending with a meeting with a handyman "request for help" consult afterwards... All of that should be done before 10/11am this morning. hahah!

My thoughts were, rather than be late again, how bout I get up before 5A and get after it. That turned into me waking up at 3:50 this morning without the alarm.. I said hell with it. Got up, got ready, did my 35 pushups, loaded the truck, and here I sit, late on my Friday message, but ass early on Saturday.

Goal for today is to complete my tasks beforehand with enough time to go to my other commitments!

psst... I have no time slot for my handyman "request for help" visit.. just mid/late morning.. hahah! I have to show up at noon to be late for that one! HAHHA!

I have been serving A LOT! of people from the Chicago/Illinois area... equally a lot from real estate and a lot from the handyman... this pic was perfect. "Looking at Chicago - from Indiana"

Have a grateful weekend friend! busy or not, loaded down or not, if you need someone, something, give us a call we got you!

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