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Labor Day

Good morning this morning! :)

no sleep, tequila, birthday, video games, more no sleep, supplements, more tequila, more video games, LOTS of Mexican food, being away from my phone... there might be more, but that all is top of mind.. all of which has left me exhausted these past few days... like smoked!

Today however, Friday eve of Labor Day! MAN!







I think there's something in the air around Labor day weekend for me. I don't know if it's the fact that my birthday always lines up on a 3 day holiday or not... but dude! something's wrong with me.

I did just need to check out what Labor Day means and stands for.

The Google says:

Labor Day pays tribute to the contributions and achievements of American workers and is traditionally observed on the first Monday in September. It was created by the labor movement in the late 19th century and became a federal holiday in 1894

In sharing odd facts about my life on these Grateful Fridays has created a nerds list for proving why I've mistaken what "Labor Day" really means.. and there's no shortage of that either.

I have come to the conclusion that Labor Day really means you are to think about BBQ's and Beer, but instead, go to work on shit that requires an dick ton of labor! hahah!

I have proof of what I'm talking about :)

2017, Labor Day Weekend: Operation Snow Bench Completed the deck, AKA, Operation Snow Bench

2018, Labor Day Weekend: House Stuff | Drywall Repair I even included that size does matter! especially with drywall! lol

2019, Labor Day: Pizza Why did I eat you Doing our laundry room was a birthday present from me to me. :) I was jacked!

2020, Labor Day Weekend: Heat Stroke'ish? First go a cafe/bistro lights :)

2021, Labor Day Weekend: I did not publish a Grateful Friday post. :) I was a Level 9 DB....

We have all heard the playful comments about the painter's house being never painted, the mechanic's car leaking oil, the chef's house eating packaged meals, or that the psychologist's house is psychologically messed up.. you get the points :) That being said, I have long prided myself on that the

"Handyman's house is handymaned!"

and truly for the most part it really is.... BUT... I've been kinda lazy on a few projects. I can see exactly how my GP lived with his custom home. My poor Gramma never got the chance to use her Jacuzzi tub. Cause when my GP installed it, my GP never hooked it up. lol! So for the last couple years, I've finished everyone else's awesome projects... but ours :)

2022, Labor Day.... I'm getting shit done! :)

Living room entertainment wall... shiplap needs paint, and mantel needs distressing and staining.

Ever heard of a 50' paint job?

Shit looks good at about 50'... but then when you get close, you're like. Bro...


Primed shiplap is hella sensitive to scuffs and shit! Scuff, scuff, scuff, gap in the mantel, oh yeah! empty electrical outlet... Tristan's shit doesn't make the picture look any better either. lol!

More shiplap and beams...

The one beam is a solid piece... damn 16'-8" and a real bitch to move!

Nuts-to-Butts in the corners.

Aside from being distressed and shit, they have gaps and more gaps that need attention.


And the fan needs to come down too. lol!


This too!

Boys say hello btw!

not really I guess... Had to shove their condo to take that picture.. hahaha!


I just realized too! I've got these floating shelves I need to finish and install! ...

damnit man!

Then I got this bitch to wrap up!

Gaps, electrical, paint... I'm a wide load too! can you see my large ass trying to paint in that gapped space?! ugh! I'm sure all of this is like... come'on bro! it's just paint and sanding!... Well... yes, you're correct.


you can't just roll on paint with shiplap... shit has to be sprayed.

Suck factor at about 8.56!

Overspray is a dream killer! I'm OCD as a MOFO! Like Steve Jobs.. CDO!!... (OCD but alphabetized) Here's some powder room action! taped up well and ready!


There are four close walls, super tight space. Easy to secure and ensure no overspray!! I might be missing something.... but I don't see anything but openness!

Overspray kills dreams.

Suck factor 9.23!

That'll be step one... once all that shit-lap is painted, done, and accounted for PHEW! Then I get to make a giant ass mess playing with wood... Now, this shit isn't nearly as stressful as painting the shit-lap. But, sawdust can fuck up a garage REALLY quick!

Not a problem if there weren't cabinets everywhere filled with tools and shit. Sawdust finds a way into every place - including the places you didn't think were possible! ;) yeah! My pockets right now! after like 10 washes! hahah!

No factor!

I got this shit!

and I best be getting after it! hahah! Have a grateful Friday, stay safe! :) And enjoy your Labor Day weekend off! :) You know what I will be doing! lol! :)

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