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Pizza... why did I eat you?!

Good'n morning friend :)

Man... Chas and I have been really good this past like almost 8-9 months now of not really eating like crap... but yesterday we broke down and had some pizza we hadn't had since.. like forever.. I only had about 3.5 cut pieces cut from 2 normal ish kinds... in the past it would'a been nothing to kill 4 pieces of the normal ish kind... 

but man! .... Pizza... why did I eat you?...

Last week I felt chill hungover from the long weekend.. but man today.. blah! why did I eat that... just feel like garbage inside.  I guess that'll teach me! hahaha... think it'll be salmon and a turkey breast for lunch.  Not even feeling like food rat'now. 

All that crap aside, I did manage to finish the laundry room project..  It's nice to see all done and done.  It was a real bitch trying to squeeze past all the appliances we parked into the hallway.  Just have the light fixture to hang next - at some point this weekend.

But the end result was a nice improvement :)

Here's a better close up of the back splash.  Even added an additional outlet to for convenience :)

All in all, super happy with the outcome. :)  No cabinet lighting for this one. haha!  Although feeling pizza blah, I do have a wicked full plate today and need to jet! :) Chas and I hope you have an awesome weekend.  If you need anything, please hit us up. <3

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