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Keep Climbing!

Good morning :)

For the longest time I've had a motivational vision of mind shift perspective that I would use to encourage me to keep going.  I used to see it (me) as being on a boat... suddenly off wondering the world, away from the pack, stammering in ones own directionless confusion.. however, not until you step back and look from way, way above do you realize you're a head of the pack, or making life's progress; encouragement is developed... you're not drifting, you're moving forward and you truck along.  Surprisingly however, this week, this picture changed that for me, and I feel that it's so much better...

In life do you ever feel you are just idle? Same steps day in and day out? The milestones of progress, success, accomplishment, whatever "X" is to you... it just seems out of sight, out of reach, no where to be found? This picture summarizes it beautifully... it's the fog of life.

For some people, their mountain is steeper than others.. might be a rainy climb up a 75 degree incline.. meanwhile, your friends and family are just blasting through their Kansas City mountains and it leaves you with a feeling of doubt, lack of direction... mostly because you're in the fog... but thankfully, you can see your hands and your feet.  You can feel gravity pull on you with every climb.  Sometimes you find yourself in to a worn worked path... someone was here before you, someone made this same climb.  However, at times, the path is like a tree in the deep Alaskan wilderness... you're the first person to have ever seen it... but it's been there the whole time.  Your hands might be chapped, due to fatigue or maybe the gloves of preparation are just making the climb annoying and not hurtful.. regardless, you're making a climb... ever forward ~ into the fog.. a slip here, a fall there.. but! forward and back up.

Suddenly, the fog becomes thinner, you can see further, then one day out of know where, you've reached the summit.  The morning sky is pounding on your face and it awakens you. You can feel your heartbeat in your finger tips, a spring in your step.  Around you, you're above the clouds.  You can see for miles and miles.  Quietly in the distance you can see a couple other peaks having pushed through the clouds.  

These are the others in life whom are on a similar trek as you.  You enjoy the moment or moments while basking in the quiet sunshine.  You can hear a distant and faint ruckus like a city scurrying below the city skylines to the tallest tower.  That's life below you.. others making or not making their climb.  This reminds you that fog is a matter of perception.  It's fog.  It might be just your perspective from your side of the mountain.  Meanwhile, those Kansas City Mountains could look different from someone else's point of view.. However, if you pass a comrade on the same hike as you, maybe their ahead of you, maybe you're passing them... all that aside, you're both moving forward... be sure to lend a hand to pull them should they slip... 

With a burst of confidence and recharge, you turn around and the next mountain top is behind you... it didn't surprise you, cause you knew it was there.  With intention and patience you place a step in front of the other and and start ascending. 

For me, today, the week... it's felt like fog.  Not sure if it's the reality of the climb ahead of me.  There was a moment here a few weeks ago where I hit my summit... might be the fog in my head, or maybe it's just a damn cold, aggravating climb these few days.  

Regardless... I'm going to put one step in front of the other, brace myself for the climb, treacherous and frustrating at times, I'm gonna do it with a smile on my face ~ ever forward.

Damn... didn't realize the picture took me along so long this morning. :)  Just spoke to and from the heart... it was a really good picture.

We hope you have a joyful and forward Friday ;)  if there is anything we can do, we're right next to you just a holler away.


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