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It'll be here before you know it...don't stop

Good morning and happy Friday :)

Man?!... got but like one week left of the school year for the boys?! we just started the school year.  Soon it will be the end of summer, then Halloween, Christmas, Easter, then school's out again.  Amazing how truly fast life just moves... all with no regard to how I feel about the issue.. haha.  

Although I have not been able to willfully do all the things I want to... when I want to make a change in my life whether it be a habit, new goal, or anything that takes considered effort/time I use the understanding of how fast life goes by - truly.  It may suck for a bit right now but in short time you'll be better, or this will be done, or you will have saved for this... it really is here sooner than we think.  That mind shift of perspective really helped me deal with being patient and embrace delayed gratification.  I still could be better at dealing with it... but I tell you, when a major holiday comes through, or the boys have a birthday all of a sudden... that, that grounds me to hey - it's not that bad... we'll be here before you know it. :)

Thought I'd switch things up a bit this week... share something a little more organic and lively. :)

Enjoy or weekly picture.. :)

I'f there is anything we can do to help make your life better, please let Chas or I know.  We're grateful to be here for our people.

-Josh & Chas

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