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Reentry is hard

Good Monday morning to yas! 

Vacation, a trip, time away from home - those are good things.  For those that can take a break from the daily, it is truly a privilege.  Having only been out a couple times in my adult life, I see it as such.

The great thing about being away is that you no longer have a routine.  Things are fresh, uncharted, the path.. there is no path - it's all new.  Nothing to find yourself rooted into a bad habit or old happening (unless you're visiting family - hahah!)

Being able to take off from the daily takes a lot of preparation, time, money, scheduling - a bunch of shit.  Likely feels like a grind before having worked your vacation time off during the weeks leading up to leaving.

My thoughts are that reentry is the hardest part.  Look at the spacecraft... sure, getting off the ground and surviving the shot into space is a hard go... but once those engines take off, you just gotta hang on for a few then poof! you're in space.

*If any of you are astronauts, I'm sorry to offend based on my ignorance ;)

I digress...

Coming home however, that's the real bitch.  Great! you landed on the moon! awesome! Now bring back the rocks, the science, the real shit, the experience - because if you don't... well... then it all was just pictures.

The alignment back in, the risk of bouncing off the atmosphere, the adjustment through the friction of making it through the atmosphere... shit?! then landing in the ocean, depravity of the muscles having atrophied while fighting against gravity... dang, then the ability to gain your strength back, all to plan for it again.

Bro, that's a grind! 

Reentry really comes down to finding your way back into a routine.  

The beauty in it is that you have the chance to step away from the old routine to make new... the bitch of it is that you are exhausted and old habits are easy to slip into... 

is why they call them routines :)

It's nice to be back home, in familiar space, see them furbabies! Right now, the reentry is a fight.  Some things need to be done like they have before.. but dammit if ever! there's an opportunity for change amongst the bad habits that lay dormant.  

That's where my head's at! :)

Fear not! 

I will see you on Friday - that routine is def a target! 

Have a grateful week! Chas and I are here if you need anything.


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