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Hell'a cold...bro!

Good morning cold ass Friday! :)

Holy cow man!... even during the day it's been cold out here. I had some boxes in the back of my truck that got all frosty - then when ready to dump them, they were soggy... nice! :) hahah

The other day I was cleaning some tools and put them out to dry... came back about an hour'ish or so later... and hahah! totally spaced where I put them.

It made me laugh out loud! I wish GP were here because I know he would have probably done the same thing! ... So I left them there until the next day - just for playful spite.

I'd love to say more... but my hands are freezing, went to bed just after midnight, and have been after it since 4'ish this morning. Got a wicked full plate for the day... which is how I like things :)

In the spirit of a cold ass morning! Wow! what a shot! This comes from a friend of mine I used to work with in my life before real estate. He captured what hell freezing over looks like! hahah :)

Have a grateful Friday! :)

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