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Got to Commit

Happy Friday good buddy! I cannot remember where it came from, or why such a conversation of commitment came up, but I always remembered this story from my Grampa. He had a friend who was always talking about wanting to build a garage on the side of his out. I think he had a carport. I believe his friend was complimenting my Grampas efforts of having built one himself. Anyway, this talk carried on for years or a long time. One evening his friend was hosting a party and had friends over. Sure enough the garage comment came up. My Grampa said that you just have to commit to the idea and make it happen. As the night progressed, his friend became a little more inebriated haha and the idea of committing continued... like COMMITTING!... later on that night after constant discussion on making it happen, his friend in a confident, but well intoxicated stuper, brought a big ass hammer inside and started wailing on the wall to initiate a hole for the someday garage door. From what my GP says, it was a riot watching it unfold. By the end of the night there was a huge ass hole created by a hammer, smashed to shit and back, but somewhat the shape of a door. The evening ended, everyone went home, I'm sure his friend poured himself into bed that night. Later the next morning my GP got a call from his friend... "WHAT THE HELL DID YOU MAKE ME DO??!!!" My GP, well, you got committed to that garage addition.. hahha! apparently the friend forgot what he had done last night being a bit hammered ... hahah! pun intended!.. after he cooled down he realized what he had done and why he did it. It may have been a couple months, maybe 6 months later, his friend had the enclosed garage he always wanted. This story, this GP fable if you will, has been told to me a couple times growing up. It was followed by needing to commit to the task or idea... as time went on, we didn't need to know the story, as much as we just knew what "Needing to commit meant" It has stayed with me forever.. hahah! and I have such a patient wife that she knows what that feels like... thankfully I have more grace about commitment than getting drunk and smashing a big ass hole in my wall. Many know that I do a bunch of stuff. Many also know I don't have as much free time as I should or could have. I believe I just struggle managing my time and need to do so better. I feel like an asshat for not posting last week... I feel like a dick not replying to a couple readers comments and similar stories - super dick for sure!.. I've had my computer off for almost a week... I know right?! come on bro! Thank heavens I have a cell phone and can operate from there. Chas and I have been wanting to update our house... I guess "update" is the wrong word.. nonetheless, we've never liked our granite counters. They made the home feel really dark. Our silly new home buyer asses never went to see the granite slab prior to installation (even though we were offered that opportunity)... Instead, we made our decision on a 6" x 5" square. BAD IDEA..

When the home was being built we rounded the corner on one update and got smacked in the face.. oh shit that's dark... damn... well hot damn... no changing things now. we just gonna rock it until we're ready for an update someday. So, 8 years go by and we find ourselves in a spot to part with the cinnamon poptart granite... but before that can happen, shit has to get done... shit.. how? shit.. with what time? April and May... all orange is a handyman commitment, yellow'ish is a real estate commitment. red is a real estate closing.. teal is a special date...

you get the jist haha.

The logic is that if we say we'll do this down the road I will likely overfill things like I have here and push it off... much like my recently cancelled tattoo appt.. At the back of my head, Grampa comes to mind.... "you gotta commit" There's no sense in over planning a commitment. you either do it, or, you simply wish you did for every single day forever haha. Having the opportunity to help customers with all their wants and desires is so incredibly awesome! I truly love it... the difficult challenge is when you want to put some love into your own home, when and how can you do it? We just kinda said hell with it... hit up our countertop guy.. he came, he measured, we picked a date and he left. To offset the expense of things I needed to prepare to take care of a number of tasks for their install. not to mention all the extra work that comes AFTER the counters are done. When he left, had just "soberly" smashed a hole in my wall with a hammer... No turning back now. The handyman, the real estate, the life calendar commitments still needed to happen. But to make this easier on my stresses, I'm looking at this special opportunity as practice for the future so that I can effectively do and lead a customer through a full kitchen remodel with excellence and experience. HOWEVER! My stupid ass decided to turn kitchen remodel into a kitchen remodel AND, a pantry remodel... AND, a powder room remodel... AND, a full bathroom remodel... AND a laundry room remodel... ALL INTO ONE remodel?! Lord I'm stupid sometimes. hahah After the calendar commitments during the day I simply invented time I didn't have to pull this off... well sorta.. It's not done yet. But I figured I'd just flipped our house on its ass for 3 weeks and we lived like hoarders.. The only sinks and toilets available were in mine and Chas's bathroom... ugh?!

Our open, OPEN pantry! hahah :) open to the world!

Amazon came daily delivering material and parts...

Daily load tools, unload tools, answer calls, emails, jobs, appts, closings... man..

These past few weeks have felt like a total mess.. it felt like making thanksgiving dinner in a kitchen that had 4 days worth of meals cooked - AND NEVER WAS PICKED UP... shit leaked into the garage! I had zero space...

I know I'm going to drop the ball one or seven times... total stressers... the simple fact of living in this mess made it short of impossible to complete a well thought out anything.. I'm surprised I even survived.. smash...

​smash some more...

smash again... oh hey dubmbass! how about you not only destroy the powder room, how about you add 14hrs worth of more scope with a herringbone design on the wall?!

furbabie help..

in the midst of all that.. in my attempt to break down a plastic chair "a PLASTIC CHAIR"...

a piece found its way over my sole, through the leather... through the arch of my foot?!

​​ damn this commitment shit!..

That's all of that pic I'm going to show. I needed to lay down after getting cold sweats and going pale as shit pale. dude it hurt so bad.... forewent the stitches for a tetanus shot and a bandaid and 5 ibuprofen.. then came home and continued to pound away.. with an old man limp of course.. I can feel my foot throbbing right now from today's efforts... Shit?!.. I was supposed to have this post out this morning... but committed to taking Tristan to school and along with a 9hr handy day, with two real estate calls in the mix haha. My desk at the moment.. i swear there are like 5 uncompleted half ass attempted tasks right here..

more of my mess...

mess continued..

​Stuff like this keeps me up at night. I feel bad on so many fronts right now given what this kind of commitment required. more so on the delayed responses to my clients and email responses. The best thing I can really do is laugh at myself.. my pics here are not of me complaining as much as me sharing what kinda mess I've created and that I'm almost done and soon things will be normal... all while laughing. Chas knew when I got home tonight after my day I needed to finish this email to a buddy.. hell! I even bought dinner on my way home, then dropped it off real quick, then drove up the street for an emergency water leak handyman repair.. then! came home. I think I still smell like work right now hahah and the food is on the counter waiting to be consumed... At the moment I can hear my asshole 11 year old Tristan playing loudly in his gaming fort with his friends online..

I can't hear my other 16 year old asshole Avin cause he's plugged into his headphones on his phone.. hahha And! I can hear my incredibly supportive bride, Chas, watching TV by herself while I share these pictures of my mess. I missed last week... I missed one a few weeks before.. I really didn't want to miss this one either. The guilt of my commitment here, at 8:32PM on a Friday is killing me. I don't have the gas to proof my email here, so please be good with random thoughts not lining up well hahaha. I must call it a Friday :) Thank you for being awesome. I will be back to normal soon! busy or not, we're just a call away! Have a grateful weekend friend!..

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