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Got me a traffic ticket...

Well hot damn if it isn't Friday already! :)

Happy day my wonderful friend! 

Well?!?!?!  after commuting from AZ to NV, 12 hrs one way there, 12 hrs back... many times there was no speed limit posted... and... I did NOT get a ticket! Nope! not even pulled over... BUT! I drive 7 minutes home from In-N-Out Burger, get caught in a playfully-shitty conversation with my love and get pulled over... (smack my head dude!)

We were cutting up so much that I forgot to turn on the normal driving lights as Chas's car has day time runners.... So we got pulled over for not having the lights on...

Then! he asks for my registration... I must have been living under a rock or something?! he says our tags have been expired for 6 months?!?! hahah! Holy crap dude! Like genuinely surprised... Full disclosure this is our first year with Chas's car... for the last like 10 years we've paid Sept, Oct, Nov... who the hell registers in Feb... well I guess we do.

The cop was wicked nice... but he said I have to site you for a ticket for registration...a couple months is ok, but, 6 months.  I couldn't argue with that.  So we reluctantly accepted our fate but was thankful for the embarrassing reminder.

So we get home in a jif and we're going though our bag of crap food (been a while for eating such garbage... I was jacked!) Still laughing about the ticket... All to find out In-N-Out burned me on an extra burger!! So... I got to eat just one.. .had to (eye-roll) share the other with Avin because I did buy 2 for me and 1 for him... Sitting in my stooper of only being able to eat one burger I was more hot about that shit than the damn ticket! >D


That damn giant 6'-1" , 200lb man child 14 year old, (he was at the doctor that day so we knew his stats) that little shit didn't even finish that burger!! 


he had strep-throat so I couldn't even polish it off as he had already infected it! ... 


HAHAH!! Lame, right?!  I guess I'm ok given that I'm more burned about the damn burger than the ticket.  So... come September 12th, you'll find me in the Surprise traffic court hoping to show good faith that there was only a 6 month laps in my registration, but it only took 36 minutes after an F'ed up in-n-out order, having no driving lights, then needing to pulled over to remind me that I was late... who knew?!?!? 


I hope this made you laugh like I still am laughing.  It's only 7:13 AM and I'm ready for a drink! hahah! It is Friday! So the clock is counting down! haha I hope you have a grateful weekend friend! :)

This was probably the best image I had for the topic... ;)

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