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Friday Poetry

How doth I compare thee to another day?

Thou art more awesomer in every way!

The sun may shine,

The sky could be gray,

I'd still prefer thee over any day.

The week's a blur...

Oh such a sweet kitty!

pur, pur, pur!

I don't knoweth why

But things starting with F and ending in Y can maketh a grown ass man cry

I want to say, but it may sound cliche

...thee knoweth what?!

F! yesterday!

For the days that follow

at which mine beer cuppeth becometh hollow

I wilt doth mine best to not stumble and wallow

Tis just but a short few

before it's back to the do, do, do.

Till then, I will sitteth here and ponder

and maybe wander

because Friday is the most awesome kind of day

and I cannot say it in any other way!

Fuck yeah!

Have a grateful Friday! :)

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