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Flag of Gratitude | A Veterans Day Salute

Happy Veterans Day Weekend.

To all of those who've served: in this household, we are grateful for your service. Life is a current with changing tides that crest upon lands of opportunities throughout the world. For some, these opportunities are cultivated within an open ocean where there is no site of land. For others, this could be a lake, a small creek... maybe a creek to a river, to a lake, back to the ocean. Like a rainstorm or drought, depending on where you are within this region of time the weather of circumstance will lead you or hold you back. Depending on one's age, temperament for risk, decisions made, not made, the happenstance of Father Time, we all who still have the gift of life will find ourselves in all of these areas at one time of our life. One opportunity that rolled upon my shore was the choice to serve in the Navy with the crew of my friends. I chose college, the rest of all of them chose the Navy. In my earlier years not making this decision was of no factor. However as the years clocked by and the influence of Father Time came in, the decision not to join festered into an undertow feeling of regret. As I gained more altitude within these mountains I found myself climbing, the weather isn't like it is near the shoreline below. The air is crisp, sometimes annoyingly cold, but it's quiet. Aside from the risk of falling, there's not much to distract against - while resting. The altitude brings a difference of perspective. Within the last few years I've become more comfortable having not served. Where the current of life has taken me, I now believe, believe with resolution, that I was meant to serve those who have served. I often get mistaken for a service member, or a former service member. My quick elevator response:

Thank you, but I did not serve :) However they did have had a profound impact on my life.

Amongst the mountains forward and distant shoreline below, the way up to this summit requires calculated risks at the willingness to fall or slip for the betterment of growth. One of these risks was committing to an advertising campaign in a local magazine called the West Valley Star. This magazine reaches approximately 20,000 homes in the Southwestern neighborhoods just a few 20/25min drive off the 303 - presently an area of town I serve on the regular.

west valley star magazine november 2023

Here's this months entire magazine:

Download PDF • 14.78MB

In the spirit of Veterans Day and the admiration I have for those who've served, I placed my first ad this month. Page 3, underneath a great article about honoring and restoring veteran memorials.

gud handyman west valley star advertisement

I could not think of a better way to say

Thank you for your service and that I'm grateful to help.

gud handyman west valley star advertisement

So, I say this to you, my friend - if you live on this more west, west valley side of the planet, Surprise, or approximately 20-25 min'ish from Surprise

You buy the flag, I will install it for free. ~scouts honor! ;)

​​ A couple years ago I did a similar thing. Here's a great review from a customer who asked for the flag installation. :)

gud handyman review

I've done this more than a couple times. Here's a great flag kit available on Amazon. I like that the flag rotates within itself avoiding any kind of binding. I'd just suggest you take it down during monsoon season... I've bought a couple replacements before... one of the small costs for being a flag flying-fulltime-patriot. ;) Here's the link:

american flag amazon order

In light of being only $30, if you no longer watch Disney+ or other subscriptions you pay monthly to, please consider something as simple as $23 to America's Mighty Warriors and help our Veterans and their families instead. Rest assured knowing over 90% of that goes to honor the sacrifices of our Troops, Veterans, and Gold Star Families by providing programs that improve quality of life, resiliency and recovery.

americas might warriors donation

Donate here: If you know a Veteran, thank them and truly let them know you care. They deserve much more than just a few days a year. Flying your flag year round is a good start. Have a grateful weekend!

iwo jima american flag marine corps

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