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Calm and unshaken

Good morning and happy Friday!

Hot damn?! ... like really.

Chas and I aren't very newsy people because there's just too much shit out there and too much more shit... you follow? hahaha! That said however, it is always so interesting every couple four years to watch the news. The past few days have been nothing short of exciting and interesting as we flip between the blue station to the red station.

It feels like we're watching the superbowl, (more serious of course) but instead of one play being under review, it's the entire last quarter of the game. The equivalent superbowl commercials are the unfolding drama everywhere, this side, that side, he said, she said, they said...

Meanwhile!! I'm running out of beer, the nachos are cold and soggy, and someone took my seat!!

To give things a break we went outside to watch the sunset and play catch in the street. There's a high school about a half mile or so from our home. During the quiet cold mornings or late evenings you can hear the cheers and excitement from fans and families as they watch their children play sports. Last night was one of those nights, and as many sports get underway our National Anthem was playing... some outside could recognize it, some couldn't. While Avin was off fetching an overthrown ball I checked my watch to confirm a possible start time to qualify the pairing of what I was hearing. Check! 6pm start time. got it. I patiently wandered the street with my hands behind my back not saying a thing so I can be present in the distant moment.

As I turn to check my surroundings I see Tristan standing unwaveringly at attention.

​I did ask the universe for any extra grounding, nor did I need a reason to love my country any more than I already did. Watching my 10 year old have the awareness of what's going on and for him to have the confidence to stop in the middle of play grounded me further.

I was in so much prideful shock I was bummed I didn't have my phone to capture this moment. While I congratulated Tristan and thanked him for his unprovoked effort, my neighbor quickly took this picture for me... of which I am incredibly grateful for.

The timing of this moment was ironically lined up with the ongoings happening in the world and with as much stress that's out there, it made me feel relaxed and happy. Whatever the numbers come to, however the remaining days shake out leading us to what the final decision is - I will still love this country as much as I did before.

I will be calm and unshaken.

Just as I would tell one of our boys that no matter your efforts, how passionate or prepared you are, you will sometimes lose, you will sometimes win. The takeaway is that you at least had an opportunity to contribute to a hopeful outcome. At the end of this, you will still have more chances to contribute and try again.

The important part to remember is that you have the opportunity to influence or lead the outcome. But! you cannot control it. The one and only thing you have control over is how you respond to that win or loss.

So goes the opportunities we have in the incredible country we call home.

Living in such a place with the freedoms we have is only going to spark passion - regardless of the topic. The beauty and ease is we have the freedom to be different, the freedom to think differently, and the freedom to believe differently.

The dichotomy to that freedom is having the respectful understanding of those differences; "We are not enemies, but friends" A. Lincoln.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend friend! There's so much to be grateful for!.. sometimes you just need to slow down a little. :)


A new flag is on order already!

oh! PSS!

Keep a lookout in your mail, a newsletter is out for delivery :)

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