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Don't count the costs

The hardest thing about doing something you've never done before, or even harder, becoming someone you want to become, is that it costs you so much...

If you've ever made the decision to do such a thing, I applaud you. I commend you for that kind of courage. If you're thinking about it, but paralyzed on action, it's okay... you're almost there and it happens to everyone. You just need to put one foot in front of the next and step forward. you got this :)

Having found such courage in myself to do something and become something I never knew I could, I have a tiny word of advice that will make things easier on the heart.. but it won't be easy.

Don't count the costs...

Be aware of them, but don't count them.

This is not to be confused with expenses...

Count the expenses, but don't count the costs.

When someone wants to do something they've never done before, I believe that kind of courage is motivated by feelings. Doing so puts a normal person in a state of chronic vulnerability.

While in those vulnerable moments, you can't count the costs.

If you count them too closely you will risk talking yourself out of doing something extraordinary.

There will always be other people out there who have more talent, more skill, more money, more, more, more than you.


Everyone has the same 24hrs to spend.


Understanding that fact, re-reading Abraham Lincoln's famous quote has a lot more weight..

"In the end, it's not the years in your life that count,
it's your life in the years"

For me at least, when I think about all the other things people have that I don't have, (things, not "stuff") of which I cannot control... Knowing that everyone has the same 24hrs as I do, makes struggling though the costs more comfortable, more tolerable, because the one thing I can control is how I use those 24hrs.

If there's something worth doing, worth becoming, worth creating, worth giving, worth, worth... it sure as shit will cost "_________".

As you step into the unknown, it will be hard to see where you're going... the terrain of life is gonna kick you in the shit, making the climb daunting, maybe even impossible. When those costs mount up, mount up like five large dogs packed into 500sf of grass, having to exercise their calls of nature, parking landmines of digested food everywhere (you get the picture..) the piles aren't worth counting...

know that they're expected...

see them as a cost of admission and nothing more.

When those moments show their asshole face, and they're gonna show up by the truckloads!

When they happen, lean into your why.

Know why you're doing what you're doing...

Understand what you are doing...

Feel the costs, but don't count them.

When you've reached your destination it likely won't be "okay, we're here"

it will probably be a "oh shit?!... I'm here"...

When that happens, the outcome, the successes, the wins, the relationships, the growth, the "________" will make that dog shit filled backyard look like a small cat box of litter.

If you need a buddy, someone to help you dance through the piles of dog shit, :) Chas and I got you.

Go do something you've only thought about doing. :)

or becoming!

You got this!

Have a grateful Friday! :)

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