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Video Interview | PHX Market Update

Why hello there :)

Do you have any wonderful plans for Easter?  Too funny this year it's on April 1st... April fools day of all ones too. haha! :)  Although last year Tristan (un-provokingly) told us he didn't believe in Santa.. which snowballed into no tooth-fairy (at 8years old... he's not lost a tooth yet), and no Easter Bunny as well... he still wants to find Easter eggs... hahaha! :)  I told him he could help me find screws in the shop instead... he said no... Thank goodness he's got his Mom! >D... 

All things aside... this weekend is an important one to Chas and I... Tomorrow, I will start my fourth year in real estate. Then, this coming Monday... 4/2... Chas will start her second year.  Crazy how much time fly's by.  As time goes on I feel more comfortable saying how long we've been in this.  With a failure rate of over 80% in the first two years, then again, 80% of the remaining 20% in five years... we're more than half way through!! Ever froward we march!! :)

I'm happy to report though.. although still learning and becoming less new in the industry, after looking at last years numbers, out of 40,000 agents in the valley, we're in the top 1000. :)  Made us feel pretty good. :)  Only being with this brokerage for 2 years now, there are over 500 in our location and Chas and I are in the top 25 :) 

We wouldn't be there or have made the survival rate without people like you in our lives.  It means the world to us we can be a safe place to help people. <3

A couple weeks ago I was asked to participate in a real estate related interview.  Having done a lot of real estate stuff over this time, sitting in front of a camera talking about our life, history, and business... this was new for me.  :)  Last year I created a one off home video talking about what my why is, however this kind of production was a lot more professional.  It gives a really good incite to what's important to me and our business, and where I came from before this life change :)

With such a joyful weekend I thought... hell, I'll share this with my friends.... so.. here it is :)

Real Estate Pros Interview: As my Grampa would say.. "If I had it to do over again..." I would have pulled the mic in closer and not have worn a hat.. haha.  that aside though, I am very happy with the outcome.  It was produced live on Facebook, so you may or may not have seen this already.If you haven't and have about 15ish minutes, I'd love you to check it out.  :)

To the good stuff! :) 

I thought this was a cool pic for the Easter.. :)  The sky is painted in Easter colors :)

Market update: Monthly close out data came through for Feb-2018.  I have it attached here for you to check out.  As we head into the start of quarter 2 things are starting to pick up :)  The details here show that pretty well.  

Thank you again for your wonderful time.  If you have any thoughts on the video​ or questions about the market update, please be sure to reach out... Chas and I would be grateful to help however we can.

Have an awesome Easter! :)

-Josh & Chas

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