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Well happy Friday Friend! :)

I know... it's kinda late for my email, isn't it?... well, better to come out later than not at all.  This past month has been uniquely busy for my Chas and I.  Thankfully the boys are responding well to it and are making it easier on us both.

More than a couple times this week I have had clients be in the throws of negotiations and end their comments saying "I trust you" "lets do it"  One of which brought me to quiet tears on how caught off it grabbed me.  One of the things I truly didn't think about when I chose this profession many years ago was the true impact I would have, we would have, on our people.  There is so much unspoken responsibility I feel when helping our people just knowing how much we've earned their trust.

It's like a heavy pillow or blanket... you can feel the pressure, but you know it's a good kind of pressure.... and one that I'll happily hold bear the weight for... or give up that pillow for someone who needs it more.  There are times where a bus is coming and as you lead your people into the unknown or known for that matter... for me, I feel it is my job to gently move them out of the way and take the hit for them, then have the strength and courage to stand up from the bus and not draw any attention to the limp I have picked up in doing so and press on ever forward.

This may seem overly metaphoric or feel'y.. but damn, I tell you... this kind of privilege / responsibility is most importantly one that I'm truly grateful for.  I believe that people were put on this earth to make other people's lives better.  I have adopted the philosophy that if I am not making someone's life better, then I need to shift gears and do something else.  I've been so reminded of that this week I just had to share how precious that is to me.  I know Miss Chas feels the same way.

I hope you can impact someone else's life and make it more special to them. :) much like how the gift of surprise feels to receive, being someones lighthouse is a similar feeling.  At least it is to me. :)

If there is anything Chas and I can do for you or someone you know...we'd be grateful to help lead the way or at least be a safe place to ask questions without expectation.

Be safe this cinco-de-mayo :)

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