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Tool Time ~Tim Taylor

Good morning :) 

It amazes me every year... this might totally be just me, so bare with me.. hahaha... Every year when it's the start of Fall, football has started, the sun goes down sooner... that kind of stuff.. It always reminds me of the TV show "Tool Time" with Tim Taylor... I know?! Not sure if that's when it played or when I was a kid and it was on at this time, but regardless, I had my first "Tool Time" flash the other morning and realized it was near the middle of September... haha.. it's probably a me thing. haha :)

I came across this picture early this week and it was one of those that just stopped me with a wow.  I couldn't wait to send it to and share it with you. :)  If you look off into the distance you can see the waterfall way back there.  Man!?! what a picture! :)  I hope you enjoy it as much as I am now looking at it again. :)

I hope you have a wonderful Friday and joyful weekend.  If you run into something and need a second opinion or have a question - hell! even if it's hey - "i need to move a mountain of rock in my front yard" please, reach out, we're happy to help. :)

All our best,

-Josh & Chas

PSChas not so much on the mountain of rock... but me - definitely! :)

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