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Time for a hike!

Good morning :)

Hot damn spring time is here!! :) it's one of my favorite times of year!  :)

I was outside this morning drinking my coffee enjoying the morning as she woke.  Sitting there in the outdoor furniture my grandparents gave us a few years ago I could see and feel the sun cutting through the eastern clouds bouncing off the water onto the elevated wall reflecting its electric sparkle.  I could hear a dove in the background "whooing" then BAM! I was sent back to me being at kid at my grandparents house... I must have been 5... My grampa was likely working in the shop, my gramma was there sitting in these very chairs I sit now... in the Tucson desert I could hear a dove "whooing" and the skimmer to the pool "clunking" with the slow, soft beat of the almost still current of the pool.  Ever since then as a boy of 5... that sound of a whooing dove and the gentle bounce of the skimmer basket is my favorite sound on the planet.. damn?! never would have thought 31 years later I'd be sent back in time.  But damn... what a way to start the Friday.

Speaking of the desert... Chas and I took a hike the other day and both saw the sun looking down on us from the mountain tops... we both instinctively reached for our phones to take a pic.  It was really a competition of who's would be better.  BS'ing of banter between us and who's would be best.  shit'ily so... yes, I just made that word up.. you can use it ;) ... I lost... my pic was damn similar, but her's captured the sun and the moment better than mine.  Her email to me as she sent it said "don't hate" >D .... the banter continues.. :) As most awesome pictures would have it...I have added it to my growing collection and am sharing it here with you. 

If you or someone you know needs any help real estate wise or wants to just watch Chas and I banter... please... let us know and we'll be sure to follow through :) haha! 

Have a wonderful Friday! I'm off to paint the kids rooms! 

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