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Thrive Joyfully

Good morning this morning :)

Well check that out... we all survived another time around the sun, this time it's an even number.  

Welcome, 2024

Each new year starts off similarly for me having carried on a tradition of motivation/perspective.  No, this is not a new year's resolution - those burn out before valentine's day, are trendy in their sense and don't hold much weight.

Instead, each new year gets a name.  Naming the year becomes a constant reminder of what the intent of my spirit is supposed to be.  In order for this to work, the name has to be in front of you regularly for it to have any substance.  I'm not talking about a dream board or this shit being written on top of your mirror or bedside kind of thing... (no offense to you if that's your jam)

The way I look at this is like "gramma's famous pumpkin mousse pie".  It's one thing to say it, it's another thing to open the recipe book and actually read that as the title.

Gramma's Famous Pumpkin Mousse Pie

Simply reading that, you're like, hell yeah! I can't wait to eat this! Or in quiet resolve, it's like... there it is.

So goes the words you're naming the year after.  So make sure it's somewhere that when read will feel like what I'm saying above.

Last year I started off with the best intentions, "Be Unstoppable".  Be unstoppable was the 15th year in a row giving my intentions a name.  For the first time in 15 years however, it fell short of anything that I intended it to.

What I found throughout the year is that I was plagued with the idea of being unstoppable, meanwhile I was incredibly vulnerable.  I was in a constant state of pressure and stress that I put on myself.  Not until mid year did I realize I had named my year incorrectly. 

To my surprise, there are others out there who regularly do this same thing.  It's a strange feeling coming across someone who's doing the same thing you are, all along you've never read it in a book or post somewhere.  Having said that, others have and are okay renaming the year.  Although you can do this, for me the nostalgia of it held a stubborn man in place.

Maybe in some light I decided to keep after it and not stop.  I guess I will say that I was "unstoppable" but there was nothing short of feeling defeated in the same light.

Is that called a motivational oxymoron??? 

Where I left off in the middle of the year was finding some motivation to simply just "be happy".  Being unstoppable was the foundation, but in my disarray of spirit I was already naming 2024 - in JUNE! 

* Being transparent I've already unconsciously earmarked a future year (TBD) for Unstoppable II; like Metallica's song, Unforgiven and Unforgiven II.

So here we are.. the first post of 2024.. be unstoppable is a former year forever seared in myt history.  I cannot name the following year with another "Be" like "Be Happy"... that's like getting a new car that's the same color and make, just a newer different year.. "yippy" .. ordinary

In the stresses of the unstoppable year I took the stresses of the year and ish cared not for my health at all.  So I was thinking Be Happy and Healthy?! ... 


Like a lame Fry's grocery store commercial.  Can't name a year after that. hahah

Through this odd level of deliberation I quickly settled on "Thrive Joyfully"

There is no "Be" pressure looming in the words.  It's like you are or you're not..

don't "Be" simply just "happen"

There's no mistaking what it means to be joyful - there's my happiness... and thrive, that feels like a deeper level of being unstoppable.  Like the foundation of getting after it in a multitude of ways... and in this case, it's to do so with a smile on your face. ;)

and gosh damnit! 

I feel soooooo much better! :) :) 

Cheers to 2024! This is the year to Thrive Joyfully! :) :)

What's the name of your year?  

tropical waterfall into a blue river below

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