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The Marc of an opportunity...

Good cold ass Friday morning to ya's! :)

The other day me Chas and Tristan watched Groundhogs Day on regular TV... I forgot what a classic it was.  These past few days have been raunchy cold... at least Arizona cold.. breeze cuts through you like knives! ... when I think about it, I picture Bill Murray being an ass and gesturing "we've got a cold front here and it's moving here... " that kind of cold! haha ;)

I've got some pretty cool news! :)

You may have seen my other posts throughout the months / years talk about a non profit foundation called America's Mighty Warriors.  Over the years Chas and I have donated time and money to their important cause.  Being so close to my buddy Chris Pike and knowing Debbie's story of her son Marc, the organization couldn't be a better fit for us.  The impact her organization has on so many people hits the heart and we're grateful to help and give. :)

Every year on Marc's birthday AMW hosts a live auction where all the proceeds go to the foundation.  There are lots of incredible and unique items available that are auctioned.  Keep in mind that 90% of all money raised for the AMW goes back into the foundation to help the families of Vets and our Vets personally.  That's huge! especially when giving!

Last year was the first year our little family was able to attend and it was life changing.  I'm not sure if it's hearing all the stories of heroic people or the physically heartfelt moment one feels when they see a gruff, tatted, special forces soldier breakdown in tears about the love he had for a brother... or the feelings of overwhelmed gratefulness... the space is filled to the brim with energy.. I'm at a loss for words on how that feels... life changing without question. <3

This year we have been an opportunity to contribute to the live auction... in doing so, I will be making one of the coolest water features I've done yet... 

It's called The Marc of a Hero.

I plan on starting production of this in the coming weeks.. I am so, SO excited!  This will be up and running during the duration of the event.  I will also have a very nice coffee table book made of all the pictures taken during the creation of it. :)  

In addition to that creative contribution, Chas and I will also be auctioning off a free listing commission for the sale of a home.  For example, when a home is sold rather than a seller paying both the buyer's agent AND the listing agent, they will only be paying for the buyer's agent as our fee will be free.  The winner will save 50% on the cost to sell their home :).. depending on what kind of home that could be a huge number!. :)  

We're beyond excited and grateful to the universe for such an opportunity. :)

If you are in town on 3/23/19, consider coming up and giving to something that will affect many many lives. :)  The keynote speaker will be Navy Seal and leadership author & motivational Podcaster Jocko Willink.  (Jocko was Marc's commanding officer) 

I will be sure to share with you the final creation of The Marc of a Hero water feature as we near it's completion and the 3/23/19 date. :)  I will also share the video of it when all finished.  

I am so excited! :)

I better quit talking or I'm going to be late for some desert shooting with my bride and good friend of ours. :)

If you need anything, Chas and I are just a phone call away :)

Have a grateful day and weekend!!! 

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