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The Many Colors of My Soul

I stand with many things that make me, myself and I... In one, it's like looking through a kaleidoscope's eye,

Three parts come together, like colors in the sky.

Emotions, words, they dance, hand in hand,

Trying to find who I am, like sifting through the sand.

The blue-collar heart, a guardian of flame,

Creating dreams from choices, it's not all the same.

Through hard work, my soul takes flight,

Among many paths, shining bright.

And in the third, wisdom's puzzle I explore,

Decisions and knowledge, I can't ignore.

Expertise shines like a kaleidoscope's glance,

Among lots of options, I take a chance.

In life's intricate design, a mosaic of splendid hues,

Three facets converge, embracing the journey we choose.

In the world of choices, sparkling and bright,

I stand with who I've become, offering grace for the ongoing fight.

colorful water around sand stone

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