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Sumptn to be proud of :)

Good morning and happy Friday :)

It smells like Spring time out there now.. man, it's amazing.  The sun is coming up at the birds encourage every inch of sunshine with their morning voices.  It reminds me of when I was a kid competing in field day.. it was also a prelude to summer.. and I love it.

For most of my life I've never won an award other than competing in field day or some of my drafting competitions later in high school.  I have received "tenure" awards at past employers before but that didn't feel unique or special because as long as you survived attrition and contributed - everyone got one...

One of the hardest struggles I've had in the real estate business is talking about production of sales while advocating competence without being distasteful about having sold this, closed on this kinda crap.  On the social webs I will talk about hosting an open house, funny real estate things I encounter, or cool projects I'm working on, but I rarely talk about production.. There is a balance though... go too heavy on one side and you look like a tool, go too much the other, you appear like you're a noob or disinterested all in all. That lack of balance came to head this past summer as I was "let go" from a client.  She said I was too busy and had too many passions.  I appreciated her forwardness, but it really stung.. especially having spent almost 3 years working on the relationship with her.   Since then I've been working on that balance.

This Monday I was in the office picking up misc items and while there I was given an award for production.  Once in hand the reality of it all set in and I wanted to share it with a friend as it's sumptn I am really proud of. :)

The plaque is hard to read due to the reflection, however it says "Team Orange" 30+ Units and or $10+ Million in sales"

I keep track of our production as routine and something to measure, however I don't focus on that.  Although our industry likes to focus on closings, we like to look at the number of people we've helped make a decision... buy, sell, not buy or not to sell.. it's all a win. 

At the end of the 2018 year I got a call from our broker letting me know we were slated to receive an award for production.  This news caught me off guard but I was happy non the less :)  Thereafter I was intrigued to look further into our office's production details. Turned out that of over 500 agents in our local office my production rank was in the low 20's and out of the entire state brokerage of almost 4,000 I was in the 140's... I was very surprised.

There are some odd 40,000 real estate agents in the Phoenix metro area.  Phoenix has one of the densest population of agents to residents in the country.. which works out to be 1 realtor to every 112 people?! When you look at the city stats of sales to agents, the average agent sells/buys 0-3 transactions a year?! 

Knowing the city stats along with the production of this year really grounded me in my finding real estate roots.  Since the start of this venture (into my 5th year now) I've battled with the identity of a real estate agent.  I've always been a blue collar type whom works with their hands and had no sales experience.  Me keeping my head down so long made it hard to see that identity, to feel that identity.  Being outwardly encouraged to lift my head and look around was a big step but a positive step.  I can see now, I can feel now... and know within my heart that I am pretty good a this... and I really enjoy it more now too. :)  which I am grateful for :)

My favorite part about the picture above is seeing the picture within the picture... that's incredibly special to me... it motivates me far and above any production number. :)

But!.... I will talk about "the picture within the picture" next Friday. :)  

Thank you allowing me to share this special moment with you. :)

now to the special part of Friday... :)

As I peer through my window looking at neighbors house I can see how similar the clouds are to this picture... I imagine the stucco box is this mountain and the chalk filled street is this glacier blue glass lake front reflecting its commanding attention.. damn it's a great picture!


Here's a quick Marc of a Hero update! :) 

I picked up the mirror on Tuesday. DAMN! ... LIKE DAMN!! :) that's the sun blasting though the removed silvering on the back of the mirror.

sandblasted on the surface of brushed stainless steel... 

as I prep for paint..

after paint, looking on the glass side...

damn I'm excited!! 

Until next Friday <3...

have a grateful weekend

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