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Snow rhymes with NO for a reason!

Good morning :)

We Arizonan's are so funny... at least those of us who've been here for most of our lives.  Up until a few days ago it was complete shorts and tank top weather... maybe hoodie and jeans in the morning... but, the days we're quite warm... was nice.

However, these last two days have been cold! haha! C.O.L.D.! has been a nice change honestly.  Thank goodness the sun is out shining down on us though. :)

In the spirit of the cold, here's a god picture of the week... looks cold as hell, but the sun is out! :)

There are only 3 more Fridays and it'll be 2018! 

Have a grateful Friday friends.  If there is anything Chas and I can do to help, please let us know. :)

-Josh & Chas

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